12 Months from Bright Idea to Flippa Sale

Any website goes through a series of developmental stages. Mine do anyway, and there is no way to shortcut the natural growth and development that needs to take place before your site is ready to sell on Flippa.

How to grow your website in a year from zero to $855 sale price

This is the process I have started with my own sites that I am grooming for Flippa auctions.

Adding Content

Adding content needs to be a constant process. I add it faster in the early months so that the site reaches critical mass that much sooner. The more content you have the more you can interlink it and the more keywords you will rank for in Google.

Writing blog posts really is like making $20 notes, just one at a time. The people who tell you that superb content is not important are only doing so in order to persuade you to buy their latest affiliate product.

Unique Theme

A unique theme is needed to demonstrate that this is a real website and not just a low quality autoblog or worse. I bought the developer option for Thesis. I now use Thesis for every blog I have and generate a unique theme in 20 minutes, less time than I usually spend finding a free theme that works for me.

Adding Pages

You must have Privacy, Terms, About, Link Policy and Contact pages for your site to be credible.

Attracting Users and Building Alexa Rank

These two go hand in hand. Your Alexa rank depends on how man Alexa users visit your site.

To attract people to your site consider using My Blog Guest as a source of guest posts. A high proportion of users have Alexa installed, so the more guest blogs you accept the better your site will hank in Alexa.

I use Zemanta and Repost.Us plugins, too. These get me links and visits.

DMOZ Listing

DMOZ.org is the original human-edited Internet directory. It takes at least six months for Dmoz to process your application. As soon as your site looks good enough to list, which will be around 6 months you should visit DMOZ and submit your site. The classifications are complex, but any intelligent website owner can do the job in an hour.

DMOZ is so valuable because smaller search engines base their results on DMOZ listings. It also gives extra credibility when someone is looking to buy your site.

Monetize Your Site

There is no point spending time and energy trying to earn money from your site until it starts to get a reasonable number of visitors each day.

Keep your ads and affiliate links unobtrusive or your readers will just click away immediately.

Links In

Any and every link in must be genuine. This means that your content must be the original source, not rehashed garbage.

Zemanta.com’s plugin is amazing, getting you genuine links every day. Repost.Us is more complex, but it costs nothing and it has given my sites legitimate links in. I do encourage you to install both of these.

If you use guest posts then your writers will use their own social sites to promote their work, more legitimate links in every day.

Internal Linking

Internal linking helps to keep your visitor on your site for longer which is one of the factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. It reduces the number of visitors who just visit one page on your site, your bounce rate. A low bounce rate will improve your Google rank, too.

Google Page Rank

If you have a healthy site with good content then you will usually have a PR of 1 in less than six months. You do not need to do anything, it will just happen, as long as you play by the rules.

Selling Your Site

If you have followed all of these steps and achieved each ‘badge’ then you will find more people bidding to buy your website on Flippa.

Can You Follow this Method?

Are there any other steps?

Are there any other legitimate ways to build links?

Will you build all your content yourself?

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include KeywordsDelivered.com and 21CWoman.com.

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