22 Trashy Tools You Will Never Need

Do you find programs every day that you think you need? Do you think about buying them, or actually take out your cards to pay?

You are not on your own. Every blogger is inundated with daily emails that are extremely persuasive.broken rusty spanner and wrench We all find sites every day that do a  wonderful job of convincing us that we would get more visitors/make more money/have a better blog if we only laid out a  bit of cash for program x or theme y.

You are seeing Marketing at its best

Those emails and web pages have cost someone hundreds, even thousands of dollars. They are written by professional copywriters.

Internet marketing seems to be about persuading someone that they really need something.

A marketer has to create a market before he can sell into that market. He creates the market by persuading you that you are not doing a good job. His next step is to convince you that he can help you to do a better job – all you need to do is to pay him $39.


If you are writing lots of good stuff and it looks good then you do NOT need to buy any other tool or service. Period.

You are already doing the best job possible. You just need to keep on doing it.

How often do you see promotional articles and blog posts saying “Good content is not enough, you must …..”? Every one of those is written with the objective of persuading you to open your wallet.

Good content IS enough

Google says that your website should be aimed at people and provide them with unique information. This is the horse itself speaking – Why would anyone pay attention to the guy taking away the manure?

So . . . What are the 22 totally trashy tools?

There aren’t just twenty two, there are thousands and more being added every day. Here are a just a few examples from the disused section of my own hard drive.

  • Theme sets such as HeatMap Themes
  • Paid WP plugins like WP Hypnolinks
  • Site help like Privacy Policy Manger
  • Article rewriting services like Green Light Articles
  • Article Syndication services such as Content Crooner
  • Paid affiliate programs like Affiliate Window
  • Paid link building programs like IM Automator, Folkd, Free Traffic System or SocialMonkee
  • Graphics programs like The Logo Creator
  • Paid memberships such as The Keyword Academy
  • Keyword search tools like Keyword Blaze
  • Twitter tools like Tweet Adder

These are just the ones that I have actually bought. Am I the only sucker out there, somehow I doubt it . . .

Over to You . . .

Do you have your own lists of trashy tools to avoid?

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include KeywordsDelivered.com and 21CWoman.com.

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