Can Anyone Earn Money Writing Online?

Can anyone earn money writing online? Yes, providing you have excellent English and go about it the right way.

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You must be a native UK or US standard English speaker and writer if you intend to aim your work at these markets. People only want to read their own ‘brand’ of English. Even British and American English are worlds apart.

If you live in India, English may be your native tongue but the English you use will be totally different to that used in America or Australia. People in India will read your articles and see them as well-written and valuable, but outside your own country your articles will not read well and people will not read what they cannot read easily.

This is just the way life is. Think of your writing style as an accent that people find difficult to understand.

Grammar and Spelling

Your English needs to be excellent. If you confuse who’s and whose then you need to get your head around this before you start writing. Worse is the there/their/they’re confusion, which many people attempting to earn a living online still suffer from.

How to Start Earning Money Online

You have a choice of three types of writing:

  1. Writing for immediate payment
  2. Writing for a  share of advertising income
  3. Writing your own blogs

Most new writers want immediate payment. This is the hardest work to find as a new writer. Try Constant Content for the best pay, but your writing needs to be perfect.

You need to take a longer view and to write for article sites that offer you a share of advertising income and on your own blogs.


InfoBarrel is the best site for any new writer to start because of the friendly and helpful attitude of the writers in the forums there.

I have about 150 articles there and earn about €15 ($19) a month, every month. Many people earn more, but my articles are articles I wanted to write, rather than higher-earning product reviews. My articles earn me about 10c a month each, BUT they go on earning me that amount without me doing anything else to them. In five years the average article will have earned me €6 ($7.50).

If you write product review type articles then you can expect to earn three times that amount, but your articles will earn you less over time as they become dated. My articles will each earn me €12 ($15) over a ten year life. They will continue to earn after that as well.

Each article takes me about one hour to write, so that’s a fairly decent rate of pay. The other thing is that this is money that comes in even if you are sick and unable to write.

Your Own Blogs

It is easier to start a blog than you could ever imagine. Earning from one is much more difficult.

Every writer should have a blog. This can either be a labour of love, or a long-term investment.

Your blog can make you money in different ways once you have a good number of visitors. You can sell advertising and affiliate products and generate a slowly increasing income. You also have the option of selling the site at some time in the future.

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include and

  • Online Writing as a Job Option (
  • Writing to be Free : How to earn money as a writer (

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