If someone told you to buy shares in Google when they launched, because they were a sure-fire success story would you have believed them? Not many people did. Those that did and actually bought shares are now sitting pretty.

If you could read the future about which was going to be the top article site in five years time, would you start writing articles for that site now? That site is Info Barrel.

Info Barrel will be the top site for these reasons:

  • The owners treat writers as partners, not as employees
  • There is trust between owners and writers
  • Writers are well rewwarded for what they do
  • The owners treat the site as a long-term love

Compare this to your current article site…

Any company is only as good as its employees. Reward the writers, financially and with respect and those writers will work harder because they are happier. If the writers work harder then the company and website make more money for the writers…A beneficial positive feedback loop.

Currently Info Barrel has a Google Page Rank of 4. Links into the site are increasing daily. Content increases daily. Quality of content is managed and improves all the time. Alexa Page Rank is improving every day. These factors mean that Info Barrel’s Page Rank will increase.

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