How Many Blogs Can Any One Person Manage?

Are you managing 4 or 5 blogs? How do you divide your time?

You would be better off concentrating on just 1 or 2.

Quantity or Quality?signpost to success

We all try running multiple blogs and other writing commitments. I used to have 12 or so blogs plus writing commitments at InfoBarrel and editing work at MyBlogGuest.

I would have a brain wave and buy a domain with a matching URL. Then later realise that there was no way I could write every day or even week on that subject. Have you ever done the same?

I have cut my blogs down by just not renewing those that I struggle to find or write daily content for. I now have just 4 sites that I actively manage, plus InfoBarrel writing and MBG editing.

This site is the only blog that I actively write for. The others I have thrice daily guest posts so they get plenty of good content, though editing the guest posts still takes between 20 and 30 minutes each.

 Quality and Daily Updates are Essential

Post Penguin frequent updates and unique ideas have become more important than ever before in terms of search engine rankings and the associated traffic.

Your blog or website needs to be good enough that visitors will want to come back. It must look good and be useful. Without repeat visitors you are fighting the same battle every day in Google for new visitors.

Without repeat visitors you are on a treadmill to nowhere.

Getting Repeat Visitors

The only way to persuade people to come back is by being different. You can be as helpful as you like, but there are hundreds of other websites that offer the same information.

You have to make your visitors like you. (I am talking the old-fashioned like here, not Facebook ‘Likes’.)

Visitors have to like your site design, your style and your content – Or they won’t come back.

Think about the sites that you revisit yourself

Make a list (on a piece of paper) and actually write down (with a pen) why you go back to each site.

If you consider yourself typical then these are the same factors that will make people come back to your site.

If you are trying to manage multiple blogs, across multiple niches and trying to connect with multiple sets of readers you are setting yourself up to fail.

Of Eggs and Baskets . . .

I know all the arguments. I have made those arguments myself, but how many baskets can one person All eggs in one basketcarry?

You can compare trying to run six blogs with trying to carry six baskets with one egg in each . . .

None of your blogs will ever reach critical mass and become successful because your efforts are spread too thinly.

You need to keep the two baskets with the most potential; the two that will do the best job of holding and displaying your eggs.

Your thoughts?

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include and

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