Immediate Income

There will be times when you need immediate income. The only option then is to write for a site that pays on completion of your contracted article.

Some Immediate (Upfront) Payment Article Sites

Demand Studios pays $15 an article, but they are extremely fussy about writing style. If you are English, you will need to learn American English AP style of writing, and some of the things you cannot do seem so wrong. I wrote one article for Demand Studios and it took me about 12 hours, for $15. I will not be doing any more.

Constant Content have a similar program, but I have not written for them. Perhaps someone who has tried their site will comment on this page. and are two other Immediate payment sites you could look at, but again, I have not tried writing for these sites.

Problems With Immediate Payment Article Sites

All of these immediate payment sites can afford to pay their contributing writers upfront because they expect to earn a lot more than that payment over the medium and long term.

It is a good idea to at least sign up for one or two of these sites because that way, if you ever need immediate money you are in the system and can just write for them for a few days.

If you only write for these sites you will need to keep churning out the same number of articles every day for ever. You will never receive any continuing payments, any residual income, from these articles.

While you are writing for the short term income from Constant Content, or whoever, you are NOT writing for medium term and long term income. In the 12 hours I spent writing one article for $15 from Demand Studios I could have written six 1000 word articles for InfoBarrel, each of which would earn me $5 a year for 10 years…$300. When you do the maths the $15 upfront payment is not as good as it first appears.

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