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Googke decides how high your site ranks largely by how many links you have in to it. Every article you write has links in it…Enough said?

Anyone can write articles and post them for free. Some article directories allow you one link, others two, but one site will allow you FOUR links in every article.

Everyone knows about writing for ezinearticles, but all you get there is one signature link. Most article directories disallow in-body links.

If you write articles for InfoBarrel you get four links, two in the body and two signature links. This means you can put links to your home page and another important page in your signature, and use your inbody,contextual links to link to pages deep inside your site.

You can write a few Info Barrel articles every week and gradually build up the number of links pointing to your own website. Cost? Free.

If you write for Info Barrel, you do NOT have to do forum commenting, commenting on other articles or any of that stuff. If you write, you get links, end of story.


Internet article marketing is a free way to boost your website’s ranking and to get more visitors. It takes time to write the Internet articles yourself, but you can outsource your marketing efforts.


Internet Article Marketing – Why All the Exceitement?


Since the advent of the World Wide Web every business has needed a website. All those businesses need their website to appear on the first page of Google’s search results for their chosen search terms. The competition for those first page results increases every day. Articles are one weapon in your arsenal of Internet tools that you can use to boost your search engine ranking.


What is Internet Article Marketing?


Links are the engine that makes the Web go round. People follow links. Search engine spiders follow links. The more links you have pointing to your website the higher it will appear in search engine results.


Engines need fuel. Unique content is the petrol that drives the search engine spiders.


Internet article marketing has a few different aspects:


  • Unique articles with links back to your domain
  • Syndicated articles that link back to your domain
  • Unique articles on your domain


Unique articles with links back to your domain


Google attaches a lot of importance to unique content. Links from syndicated content count for much less in Google’s Page Rank calculations. Unique article back links improve page rank.


Syndicated articles that link back to your domain


You can post articles onto article syndication sites that distribute your content to hundreds of websites that are looking for content, but don’t care if it is unique or not, as long as it is fresh and free. Syndicated articles drive visitors to your website.


Unique articles on your domain


All the content on your website should be totally unique. Google loves the fact that your site is the ONLY place to find this stuff. Google does not show duplicate results, so by having your content unique, you will never be one of the non-showing duplicate results.


People love unique articles, unique viewpoints, too. If your site is the only place to find information on something then visitors may bookmark it and come back again.


Unique articles on your website boosts search engine rankings AND attracts repeat visitors.


Who Should I Use Internet Article Marketing?


Every website owner who needs to improve a site’s search ranking. Everyone.


When Should I Use Internet Article Marketing?


The simple answer is all the time. Improving your search engine ranking is a gradual process that takes years. All your competitors are trying to do the same. It is a case of running to stay in place. If you decide not to promote your website using article marketing and others are using it, then you will fall back in search engine results.


How Do I use Internet Article Marketing?


  • Unique articles with links back to your domain


Write articles or commission article writers to write articles that link back to your website from the author’s signature box.


If you buy an article you buy the signature box, too. Most article directories only allow links from the signature box. Use the search terms you want to link for as your link text (anchor text).


Post your articles onto sites that demand unique content and do not allow reproduction of their articles.


High quality articles will improve the search rank of your website, over time, and if you use enough of them. They will send you visitors as well.


  • Syndicated articles that link back to your domain


Write or commission articles to post on article syndication sites.


Use the allowed links in the signature box to link back to your site. It is important to give the impression that you have written the article yourself and to avoid being over-promotional in your tone.


Unbiased and interesting articles will drive people to your website to find more on the same subject.


  • Unique articles on your domain


Your highest quality articles should be reserved for your own website. If you are commissioning articles, then it is worth paying a bit more for these in depth ones. Another way of transforming your unique knowledge into an article is to draft one yourself, then pay an article writer to work it up into an interesting and informative article.


Articles that are unique and pass on knowledge that cannot be obtained anywhere else will make your website attractive to visitors, and Google loves you for it, too.


Where Do I Find Internet Article Directories?


There are four kinds of article directories:


  • Directories that only accept unique articles


You will get a few visitors, but the main boost is in terms of boosting your search engine ranking.


These directories include sites like InfoBarrel, HubPages and Squidoo. These sites are seen as independent and users are likely to click on your links. InfoBarrel allows contextual links in the body of their articles, too, giving a total of four links per article.


  • Directories that accept unique articles, then syndicate them


Syndication sites charge you to distribute your articles, either on a per article basis or an annual fee basis. It is worth it because your article ends up on hundreds of websites, all of which will send visitors to your own site.


Content Crooner is an excellent article syndication site that I use myself.


  • Directories that accept unique articles and allow users to duplicate their content


These sites are a contradiction. They insist on the content being unique then they allow users to reproduce it, so it is no longer unique. They do have the advantage that there is no charge to put articles on the site, but they do not actively spread your work to other websites.


Ezinearticles is the most important site in this category.


  • Directories that accept duplicate articles and allow users to further duplicate their content


These are the directories that the article syndication sites send content to, places like and They are useful to help spread your content more widely and to bring in more visitors. These article directories are free.


Where Do I Find Unique Articles?


Constant Content has hundreds of articles that you can buy. Browse their list to see if they have any already written that you could use today.


Where Do I Find Article Writers?


There are lots of websites that act as middlemen between you and your article writers. Avoid and because the quality of articles written by their writers is too variable and you need to then pay for rewrites.


There are two excellent outsourcing sites that will give you good to excellent quality articles, ready to go in your article marketing campaign.


ODesk is a site where writers bid for particular writing jobs. There are many writers from the Philippines on oDesk who write in excellent English for $5 an hour.


Constant Content have thousands of American and British writers who are slightly more expensive than oDesk writers, but you usually get articles of a very high quality. You can post a title, keyword optimization details and what you are willing to pay and writers will write to your specifications.

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include and

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