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Info Barrel, is my all time favourite article  site. Why? Because I treat writing as my full time job and for the past ten years I have loathed my full time job. This IS my day job now and it is important to me to enjoy my job, because I spend so long doing it.

What Makes InfoBarrel Writing Enjoyable – ‘You are not On Your Own’ I keep the forum tab open while I am writing and check back whenever I finish an article. It’s like working in an office, but I can isolate myself when I need to. I feel part of a team. A team that is working to improve Info Barrel’s ranking, so we can all earn more.

What OTHER site have you ever written for where you feel this? At other sites it is a competitive atmosphere. What other article site has a friendly, open forum, that you can even check out before you join. Check out the InfoBarrel Forum NOW.

InfoBarrel Adsense Share - Your own Adsense account gets 75% of the ads around your articles. Every month there are contests that allow you to earn up to 90% in the next month by hitting certain easily achieved benchmarks. Every author can earn a 90% Adsense share, there is no limit on the numbers on a 90% share.

This is my main source of medium and long term income.

InfoBarrel Community - The forum community is fantastic and very generous with their time and knowledge. New InfoBarrel writers are always made welcome, unless they put links in their posts. You can put links, but nobody does, because this is a giving community rather than a taking one. Check out my article about this forum.

InfoBarrel Management - Write out a list of everything you would want from the management of any article site… When you have your list written, check out this post and see how the two compare.

InfoBarrel Reviews – Be wary of any reviews of InfoBarrel that you read online. Many are biased, out of date and factually inaccurate. I have read reviews that tell you that only one writer can earn a 90% Adsense share in any one month-FALSE. I have read reviews stating that other writers can delete your articles-FALSE. You owe it to yourself to make your OWN mind up and find out for yourself.

InfoBarrel Success – This is a unique SEO Guide to article writing with a special focus on Info Barrel. It tells you exactly how to do everything, from choosing titles to deciding on keywords and how often to use them in an article. The book is one I have bought myself because it is the ONLY place to get nitty gritty information like this. The book has been written by two of the highest earning writers on Info Barrel and I could recommend it to anybody. Check it out in more detail on the Article SEO page of this site.

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Eileen August 6, 2010 at 13:46

Great site you have done a wonderful job with this, that’s for sure. Are you new at doing this. cheers Eileen.


admin August 6, 2010 at 13:55

Thanks Eileen.
I’ve done a few blogs, it takes about 12 hours from start to finish to get all pages and posts up etc.
I hope you will feel able to contribute posts…, Phil


homebaseincome December 14, 2010 at 17:38

Wow, I found the spot to leave a comment. I just sent you a comment at Infobarrel. Your website here is unbelievable. I love it. It is filled with useful informative information to help people learn how to earn money online writing and so much more. I respect the work you have done here and do understand the time and hard work put into creating such a wonderful website. I’ll be reading more. The layout is perfect too. Very nice format. Way to go. You have to start creating videos. You would do fantastic!


Judy Evans April 7, 2011 at 23:51

This is certainly a great site. I’ll be back and forth for months to take in all the information you’ve given us here.


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