InfoBarrel-Does It Work?

InfoBarrel has what must be the most open and fair remuneration system on the Internet.

There are no favourites. Everyone earns in proportion to how they write. Squidoo robs new writers to pay established ones,  but InfoBarrel gives everyone a fair crack of the whip.

You need to think about what you choose to write about, yes, but that is fair enough, because you do have a free choice of your title.

You also need to build links to your articles if you want them to rank well, but once you get into the rythym this is simple.

There are established writers on InfoBarrel who earn more per article on Infobarrel than they do on HubPages or Squidoo. These people are choosing to write an increasing proportion of their articles for InfoBarrel.

Earnings do take a few months to grow, because the site is younger than its competitors, but they keep growing and soon surpass earnings on similar sites.

You need to give InfoBarrel a fair try, and to establish a bank of at least one hundred articles, with lots of backlinks to them, before making a judgement. Having more articles will help to smooth out bumps in your income, too.

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