Is SEO a Big Con Trick?

Are you paying someone to do your SEO? The whole concept of search engine optimisation is a big con.

SEO companies charge enormous sums for their services, but are they really necessary?

We are constantly being told how essential SEO is to our websites’ success. Who tells us? The SEO companies, of course.

What do SEO Companies Do?black hat SEO

Search engine optimisation companies try to trick Google into ranking their clients’ pages higher than they would naturally rank.

Google is not happy about being tricked and keeps changing its ranking algorithm to defeat the fraudsters.

The latest Google Penguin update targeted sites that had paid for thousands of SEO links and blasted them off the Internet.

Are the SEO Companies Put Off?

Not at all . . . The cowboys just keep on, charging their customers to start all over again.

Reputable companies were doing a better job of imitating natural links, so their clients usually escape undamaged.

DIY vs Paid Search Engine Optimisation

When you pay a company to do your link building they do it very gradually and over many years. This is a very long-term and expensive commitment on your part. The result is that your sites have many links, all carefully contrived to imitate a natural linking pattern.

If you can afford it then this will work, but for small sites you will never get the necessary return on your investment.

DIY link building is always going to leave footprints. It can only ever be a very rough approximation of a natural link-building pattern.

SEO Tools

Many website owners buy Do-it-Yourself SEO tools and subscriptions from SEO companies, even if they don’t go the whole hog and take the $1,000 a month service.

DIY Tools can only ever offer a very poor imitation of natural link-building. The SEO companies tell us otherwise, naturally.

SEO Alternatives

Do your on-site optimisation and produce superlative content.

On-site optimisation does not try to game the system. It just helps search engines to index your content.

Superlative content will attract visitors, who will naturally link back to you and do all your FB Liking and Twitter Tweeting for you. This is the way the Internet is supposed to work. The problem is that most people want to get away with posting garbage that nobody will ever link to.

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