Make Money Online By Writing Articles

You can make money online by writing articles. Gurus don’t tell you about this zero cost opportunity because there is nothing in it for them.

This is something that anyone can do. Most sites want articles written in English, but there are German, French, Italian and Spanish article sites as well.

Different websites have different ways to pay you.

Sometimes you will earn a very small amount every time someone reads your article, but this is not really a good payment model and you will not earn a living from this type of article submission site.

Other sites will give you an upfront payment for your articles. This is a great idea if you need cash for an emergency, but the website can afford to pay you because the ads they put around your article will earn them much more than they pay you. If you write only for up-front payment you will need to keep writing every day until you drop dead from exhaustion.

The ideal solution is one where YOU will earn a good share of the ads around your article, even if there is no upfront payment. This is becoming the norm and more and more writers are devoting most of their writing time to this type of article submission site. Your article continues to earn money for you for years – This is sometimes called residual income, you continue to get ad clicks from your articles even if you stop writing because you are ill or your circumstances change.

Make money online by writing articles for a range of different websites. There are some sites that will pay you $40 for one 800 word article. Other sites will give you a share of advertising revenue that your article generates.

Everyone can make money by writing articles on the Internet. It takes a lot of writing commitment to produce a full-time income, but a part-time, supplementary income is possible for anyone who can write in good English.

If you enjoy writing then you should have a go.

Make Money Online By Writing Articles For Upfront Payment

There are four sites you should research and consider

  • Demand Studios – Pays $15 for How To articles for the eHow website (Article Sweeps). Very demanding. Endless rewrites, often unnecessarily because editor is wrong. Article titles are awful and take at least six hours to write, complete with references. Will take most writers five days to complete first 1,000 word article. Insists on incorrect punctuation (AP Style). English writers have great difficulty with some of the rules, which ban perfectly correct grammatical structures
  • Constant Content – Pay $25-$40 for an 800 word article. Excellent English necessary, but no ridiculous grammar rules. Article subjects and titles are reasonable
  • Break Studios – Pay $8 for a short article that takes 15 minutes to write
  • Text Brokers – Pays 1c-2c per word. A short 200 word article will only take 15 minutes to write, so $2-$4 for 15 minutes of writing

Make Money Online By Writing Articles For A Share Of Advertizing Income

Your earnings are proportional to the number of times people click on ads next to your articles. It is the website management’s job to place those articles for maximum effectiveness and writers have no control of that.

It is the writers’ job to write articles that will produce clicks and to promote those articles by linking to them. You cannot write about anything. The people most likely to click are those who are looking to make a purchase or those with an urgent need that your article satisfies.

This means that review articles or comparison articles produce a lot of clicks and that advice/repair type articles do better than information articles. Linking to your articles is a simple job. Sign on to and Write 3 sentence posts for Snipsley and include your link. TheInfoMine ask you to make 250 word posts, remember to include one or two links in your post.

There are dozens of sites and most have at least one strong point. You need to research carefully into the different payment systems and rules for each site.

  • Bukisa – Pay per view, total waste of time (0.3c per view)
  • Wikinut – Pay per view, total waste of time (0.01p per view)
  • Xomba – 50% Adsense clicks to your own Adsense account (Articles earn very little because of poor site design and lack of article promotion)
  • EHow – Secret formula and Article Sweeps (Look up “eHow Article Sweeps” in Google. NEVER write for this site
  • Squidoo –  Advertizing revenue is averaged over the website and then redistributed according to a secret algorithm, which favors very popular articles at the expense of the least popular 25% of articles, which get nothing, even though there might have been clicks on ads in those articles
  • HubPages – 60% advertizing clicks to your own Adsense account. Overly competitive atmosphere encouraged between writers
  • InfoBarrel – 75-90% advertising clicks to your own Adsense account. Very easy to earn a 90% share. Unlimited signatures. In body links allowed directly to affiliate pages. Cooperative atmosphere encouraged and forum is superb, helpful, open and welcoming RECOMMENDED

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include and

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