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by admin on Monday, 9 April, 2012

Yesterday I discovered a way to earn money (as in PayPal next day money) by writing online.

You need to take online ‘credential tests’ through the site, but these are pretty simple.

If English is your native language then you will have no problem with these.

The payment per task is not great, but if you need extra money to pay the mortgage or rent this week, then this site is a simple way to get that money.

Check out CloudCrowd ( You need to join through Facebook and the program runs as a Facebook App.

Better paying tasks require higher ‘credentials’ so start by taking credential tests. Read all the rules before you start though, because you cannot do an immediate retest and you can only do each test a very limited number of times.

One thing I like is that there are always tasks to be done. It’s like picking up coins in  the street.

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