Online Marketing Articles-Sourcing and Using Them

There is nobody better qualified to write your online marketing articles than the company staff, but this might not be the best use of their time. You are going to need to source thousands of marketing articles over the next two or three years.

Article marketing is a long-term strategy. Syndicating articles through article submission sites can bring you a short-term boost in website visitors, but will do little to improve your search engine raking.

The only way to boost your search engine ranking is through lots of well-placed links throughout the Internet. These links must come from top quality and unique articles that you have either written or have had commissioned.

Outsourcing the marketing articles you need makes sense. Costs are reduced and you do not have all the hidden costs of employing a writer full-time.

Place your unique articles at high traffic, high ranking websites that will send you lots of new potential customers. Sites like InfoBarrel or HubPages are the best places to use, as these two sites both insist on unique content.


What is the best way to use online marketing articles as a part of your marketing plan? There are different kinds of article and they should be used for different purposes.


Define What You Want to Achieve From Your Online Marketing


Are you trying to drive more visitors to your website? Are you trying to boost your company website in search engine results?


Using Online Marketing Articles to Drive more Visitors to Your Website


This is the pre-requisite to increasing sales. You can have the best website on the Internet, but you still need to drive people to it. Increased search engine ranking is part of increasing site visitor numbers, but it takes time. You can use online articles to increase site users rapidly in the short-term.


You need to put lots of articles in front of lots of people in a short time. Many websites that your articles appear on will only have 20 or so users. You cannot afford to have unique articles written to attract such a low number of site visitors. You need a better return on your investment.


Small websites have other priorities than unique articles. They want new article content and they want it free. These website owners are not in the business of buying in unique articles.


The best way to reach all the micro niche sites that you are trying to attract to your website is to use article syndication sites such as Content Crooner. These sites charge you for distributing your content, but the charge is very small on a per article basis, especially if you take out a lifetime subscription.


Content Crooner has a list of hundreds of small blogs and websites that you can reach quickly and easily by allowing them to syndicate your articles. Overnight an article can be placed on 300 websites. If each one only sends you two visitors then that is 600 extra visitors to your website, tomorrow.


Article submission sites like Content Crooner work best for articles that are written from an independent viewpoint. Sales letters will not work. Articles about your industry, about individuals, product reviews and straight information articles will all find a good take up rate.


Use the author links to link back to your website, but ensure that it is obvious that your company has not sponsored the article.


You will increase the number of websites linking to yours, but this will have a minimal effect on search engine listings because most search engines only count the first link from duplicated content.


Using Online Marketing Articles to Boost Your Google Search Rank


To have a long-term effect on your placement in search engine results you need to have an ever-increasing number of links back to your site.


You need many unique articles to achieve this objective. You can appoint a full-time writer within your company who is knowledgeable about your services, but most companies outsource the articles they require to ghost writers.


You can commission high quality articles at Constant Content. A typical 1000 word article there, will cost you about $40. You need your unique marketing articles to be of the very best quality. These articles can then be placed with large websites that will send you hundreds of visitors. Again, the cost per new visitor is very small.


If your need is for good, rather than superb articles, then consider oDesk. At O Desk you hire writers, usually by the hour. This sounds like an invitation to be scammed, but oDesk have a system that takes random screenshots of their writers’ computer screens. These are sent to you with the writer’s timesheet for you to check.


There are American and British writers available for hire on oDesk or you can hire writers from the Philippine Islands, Thailand and Singapore, all of who speak good English.


Every unique article gives you one unique link to your company website, increasing your likelihood of being found on the first page of Google or Yahoo. This is a long-term strategy that will bring in results if it is maintained.


In Summary


You need to use article submission services like Content Crooner to distribute medium quality online marketing articles. These will increase your site visitors while your unique article link building strategy matures.


You must also commission many unique articles from sites like oDesk and Constant Content over the long term.

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include and

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