Intentions Are Not Enough

June 26, 2012
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My daily post plan did not even last 2 days. Life got in the way. I have started a post about infographics and planned one out, then had to leave the writing to cut the grass on the one dry day this week. I now have to work out how to do the actual graphics. [...]

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My New Depression-Free Beginning

June 24, 2012
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You will be a long time in your grave, doing nothing. Don’t waste life doing nothing. I have spent the past year doing not very much because I have been ill with depression. Today I am off my medication and feeling 200%, so I have to do enough to make up for the past year’s [...]

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Setting Targets for Yourself

June 14, 2012

Setting targets for yourself is vital. If writing is your new job then you must approach it as a job. This means structuring your working day around your writing. Your posts and articles are the means by which you will earn in the future, so they have to have a high priority in your day. [...]

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Need Money TODAY? Try This Writing Site

April 9, 2012

Yesterday I discovered a way to earn money (as in PayPal next day money) by writing online. You need to take online ‘credential tests’ through the site, but these are pretty simple. If English is your native language then you will have no problem with these. The payment per task is not great, but if [...]

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How to Use Zemanta – In Pictures

March 25, 2012

Zemanta is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone writing online; and it’s free. It allows you to find all your related posts on a subject no matter where you have written them. It will find your InfoBarrel, HubPages and all your blog posts that have related content and will post links to them at the [...]

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Zemanta – The Perfect Link-Building Solution

March 24, 2012

A free program that: Increases the number of backlinks your posts receive Allows you to interlink all your posts on all your sites Finds authority sites for you to link to Finds tags for your posts Gives you a gallery of related images in your WordPress dashboard Is an install once solution Can be used [...]

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Moving Web Hosts

February 6, 2012

I have been dissatisfied with Blue Host for a long time. When I realised that my contract was set to expire in three months I decided to switch to Hostgator instead.   Blue Host was throttling my sites, even though they were all small sites with small visitor numbers. I had always imagined that the [...]

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Free Long-Tail Keyword Tool

January 18, 2012

Keywords are the key to writing profitable articles. Some keywords are more profitable than others, with long-tail keywords usually earning you a lot more money. Google’s Adwords ™ tool is a free place to start, but it has its limitations. I have a recommendation for you that will blow your minds – Keyword Researcher.   [...]

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Setting Up Your First Website in Blue Host

December 9, 2011

Once you have bought your domain name in Blue Host you need to log in using the details from your welcome email. One thing about this hosting service that I like is that all this happens automatically and instantly. Once you are logged in click the Domain Manager tab at the top of the screen. [...]

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Buying Your First Domain Name

December 5, 2011

Your domain name needs to include the niche you intend to work in. If you are building a website about golf balls then it might be or Only search for the exact name once you are ready to buy. There are ways to monitor domain name searches and there are people who will [...]

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Plan, Research, Think

December 2, 2011

Planning and Thinking play a large part in the preparatory stages of launching any business. Try to avoid expensive mistakes by spending a few days thinking about the knowledge you have and your interests. Thinking You will be building websites and writing a large number of articles in the same area, so it must be [...]

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This Online Writing Business

November 29, 2011

Online writing can make you money but you need to treat it as a business. Only keep reading if you are ready for hard work. Writing for the Internet is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. It takes a lot of work and the rewards may take a few years to come in, just like [...]

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How to Get 500 Free Backlinks a Year

September 12, 2011

Backlinking sucks, OK? Nobody likes building backlinks. It just sucks the energy out of any writer. Everyone who is anyone tells you that you need to build thousands of backlinks. Did you ever wonder why they tell you this? They have affiliate links on their websites that give them a percentage of your monthly subscription [...]

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Where, How and What to Write Post-Panda

June 12, 2011

Google’s infamous Panda update is only the latest battle in their fight to give searchers quality content that is useful. It has meant that article directories like HubPages have been hit hard. Where do we go from here? Where To Write When you write for any article site, the rubbish that other writers produce using [...]

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More Good Linking Ideas

May 9, 2011

Most of your links should be unique and use relevant anchor text. Writers often post rewritten versions of their original work at other sites to provide backlinks to that original work. Notice the word rewritten, rather than spun or copied. Rewriting an article takes much less time than it takes to write a new article. [...]

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25 Free Links Every Day Using Social Monkee

May 8, 2011

If you want your articles or blog posts to rank in search engines then you MUST post backlinks to them. This will take you longer than writing each article. Apply the 80/20 rule and spend 80% of your time backlinking. Competition amongst writers for top search engine rankings increases every day and you can only [...]

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Where to Write After eHow

May 6, 2011

Now the eHow WCP has closed down how do you intend to replace your earnings? There are other ways of earning money writing articles, but none so easy as eHow’s WCP. We are all going to have to learn new tricks. If you are removing your eHow articles to put them elsewhere you should be [...]

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Writing Online is a Long-Term Project

February 22, 2011

Why will you never find an Internet “guru” telling you about writing articles? These guys sell dreams about making millions online with minimal effort. They also want you to come back again and buy the next dream when the first one fails. Internet gurus pour scorn on article writers and the millions of writers who [...]

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Maxi Sites-The Next Big Thing

February 16, 2011

Google signed a death warrant for article directories recently. Niche sites are next on the hit list. Google has done this because people have been complaining over the past year about search results that are full of indifferent articles and tiny niche sites that have only been written for Adsense. The Background It was the [...]

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Forget New Year Resolutions – Make New Year PLANS

December 15, 2010

I make New Year resolutions like everyone else. I get no exercise and I need to lose 56 pounds, but I am only half serious about resolving to take more exercise and to eat less. Yes it’s on the cards but as a long-term plan. The long-term plan is the key concept here. Anything long-term [...]

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