Resurrecting Old Domains

Do you have domain names you have never done anything with? Do you plan to let them die? Don’t.

I checked my old Bluehost cPanel last evening and found 4 domains that I had intended to allow to die. Some were past the renewal date by a month, so I only just avoided the ‘in redemption’ penalties.

After checking out the sites that are selling for $200 on Flippa I have decided to keep these sites. I will build them up over the headstones against an orange sunsetnext year or two with the specific objective of selling them on. These are not going to be labours of love by any means, but sometimes you have to do what it takes to earn a few bob.

Tidying Up

I then remembered that I had 2 domains on Just Host that I had abandoned and they had just renewed automatically.

I found my Just Host log in and changed the nameservers to those on my Hostgator account. I dislike Just Host because it does not allow me to install WordPress myself. Everything has to be done through Support.

I also changed the nameservers on all of my renewed BlueHost domains. Now all my sites are in the one place, Hostgator.

New Domains

I bought another two domains while I was on my BlueHost domain management panel. These are ones that should resell, for a profit, with just a  few dozen posts on them in 12 months’ time.

On Hostgator

Since I moved my domains from BlueHost to Hostgator I have been very happy. They are faster and I have not noticed them falling over at all, which was a weekly occurrence on BlueHost. I really can recommend Hostgator (referral link) to anyone in terms of service and ease of use.

I added the renewed domains as add-on domains in my Hostgator cPanel and then installed WordPress onto each domain, 8 in total.

The next job is to work out a  weekly posting schedule to include each site.

My U-Turn

I realise that I have now taken on more blogs, even though I am selling blogs to cut down my workload. This is not as contradictory as it appears. I am selling two blogs that I have worked on for two years and that I no longer enjoy working on.

The domains I have just bought have been bought with the express purpose of reselling them in a  year or two. I will not be putting up twice daily posts or spending hundreds of dollars on site designs or logos. These are investments.

Over to You

Have you tried selling your own sites?
Are your domain names and sites in more than one place?
How many blogs can you update regularly?
Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include and

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