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Online writing can make you money but you need to treat it as a business. Only keep reading if you are ready for hard work.

Writing for the Internet is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. It takes a lot of work and the rewards may take a few years to come in, just like in a traditional business.

That said, it is a business with low start-up costs. You can buy hosting and a domain for $85 and that is all you need to buy. Everything else can be obtained free, sometimes by bartering, but no money needs to change hands.

How much is all my advice and information going to cost? Nothing.

I will not be sending you on any guru-inspired wild goose chase. You can build websites using free software and do not need to subscribe to any guru email list in order to learn the latest “secrets”.

I loathe all the guru stuff. I do not want to be associated with any of that band of fraudsters. I go against everything they say to do:

  • I give away the information that they sell
  • I never use auto-responders
  • I do not have an email list, nor do I want one
  • I write every word myself, no out-sourcing here
  • I answer every comment myself
  • There is no upsell. This site is IT, it is not a come-on to take out a subscription to a more advanced service
  • I tell you it will be hard work
  • I tell you to treat it like a business

The word “business” apparently cuts down the response from the emails that gurus send out.

I know that this is a business and you will only succeed if you are ready for hard work. If you don’t like that idea then go ahead and line some guru’s pocket with your hard-earned money.

To me “guru” is an obscenity when used in the Internet business field and I will never use it again.

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