Using Online Marketing Articles

Online marketing articles offer many businesses the chance to improve their online profiles. Large companies already commission articles as part of their online marketing. Small businesses can either commission articles or write their own.

Online Marketing Articles

Online marketing takes many forms, website articles is just one. Website owners are looking for articles every day, preferably without having to make any payment. Small business owners can supply that demand and benefit in different ways.

How Can Business Owners Commission Articles?

Constant Content is a website that acts as a middleman between article writers and those who need articles. You can register with Constant Content and then register a request for online marketing articles of whatever length you choose.

Avoid other freelancing sites because they are full of writers whose first language is not English and who cannot write in intelligible American or British English.

Six Steps To Writing Your Own Online Marketing Articles

Think About What You Are Trying To Do

You are writing or commissioning articles to achieve two objectives:

Objective A) To send people who read the article to your website

Objective B) To send search engine robots to your website

Objective C) To build your company’s reputation and raise its profile online

Objective D) To go viral, so your readers spread your message for you

To achieve A) you need lots of different websites to use your article. Your article needs to be interesting enough that readers value it, but leave them wanting more, so they have to click on your links to find more.

To achieve B) you need lots of different articles, because Google only counts the first link, and just ignores links from duplicate content

To achieve C) you need lots of different articles on lots of websites in order to reach the maximum number of people

To achieve D) you need to give people lots of highly original content, preferably in an entertaining format, videos, jokes, images, that they will WANT to pass on.

Decide On Your Keywords

If you want your website to be on the first page of Google’s search results for “Goldfish flu” then you need to use goldfish flu as a keyword in your articles. Your marketing article will be used on hundreds of goldfish websites and thousands of anxious goldfish owners will follow your links back to find out how to treat their sick goldfish. (Objective A – Human Visitors))

If you write hundreds of different marketing articles about goldfish flu, then Google will credit your website with one link from each article, boosting your search rankings (Objective B – Robot Visitors)

As your hundreds of online marketing articles about goldfish flu spread through more and more sites on the Internet, your name and that of your company become associated with preventing and treating goldfish flu. (Objective C – Company Profile)

If you include jokes about goldfish flu, start a Facebook group about it and post funny pictures of sick goldfish, each with a link back to your website of course, then people will tell friends, email sick goldfish jokes and pictures to each other. (Objective D – Go Viral)

Write Your Sub-Headings

It is far easier to write 100 words about one aspect of a subject than it is to write 500 words without sub-headings. Use your keywords in your subject headings.

In the goldfish flu example, sub-headings could include Symptoms of Goldfish Flu, Preventing Goldfish Flu and Origins of Goldfish Flu.

Write Each Section

Use synonyms, alternative words for your keyphrase. In the Goldfish Flu example you could use Ornamental Carp Flu, Carp Influenza and Fish Flu Epidemic.

Make sure each section reads naturally. Use short sentences and stay on topic.

Write Your Intro

The introductory paragraph is the most important part of any online marketing article. It has to be good enough to grab the reader’s attention and stop her from clicking away. This is what the search engines like Google and Yahoo list with their search results. Be sure to mention your keywords twice in this first section of your marketing article.

Write Your Author Bio

Your author bio is usually the only link you are given in any online marketing article, so make it count! Mention your website by name (Objective C)

Use Anchor Text of your keywords eg the bold goldfish flu is the anchor text here

goldfish flu”

A good author bio gives the reader a REASON to click (Objective A)

eg Helen Smith of has written a free ebook about how to resuscitate your flu-struck goldfish. Click on the link to download it. Goldfish Flu E-Book”

Some article directories will not allow you to use HTML, so for those the author bio would just be

Helen Smith of has written a free ebook about how to resuscitate your flu-stricken goldfish. Download it free at

Make sure the URLs given are correct by copying them from your browser address bar while you are actually on those pages.

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include and

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