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Web content writers are in more demand than ever. This is one job that is never going to go away. Anyone can write articles for other sites and get upfront payment.

You can also set up your own websites and earn money from ads that you place around your articles. This is your best long-term earning strategy. This is the equivalent of owning a factory in the Industrial Revolution, you can even pay others to write for you.

Upfront payments are attractive in the short-term, but you can also put your articles onto sites where they will earn and earn every month for years. This will earn you a lot more than the upfront payment and should enable you to give up the day job in time.

There are millions of new websites every day and every one of them needs unique content to rank well in Google and to sell their services.

Work from home as a web content writer. No commuting, no office politics, no boss. You can write articles, blogs or forum posts, but article writing is the largest market.

Web Content Writer-Your Future Career?

In the 18th Century 90% of people worked on the land. The industrial revolution mechanised farming and for the next hundred years most people worked in factories.

The most recent changes are the internationalization of the global economy (Jobs go where costs are lowest) and the Information Revolution.

The Internet IS the Information Revolution. The Internet’s websites have an insatiable need for information. They need new information every day in order to maintain or to improve their search engine ranking.

You can provide some of that information, either on your own websites or as a contractor for other websites.

Why Is There a Need for Web Content Writers?

We all have a unique set of life experiences and knowledge. We can turn those into information articles that website owners need.

Websites need to keep their subscribers fed with new pages and new articles about their niche, or those subscribers will go elsewhere to find it. We seem to be constantly browsing the Web looking for random information.

Website owners are like the factory owners of long ago. They often have multiple sites and do not have the time to generate their own content. They have to hire workers (writers) to work on their sites.

What Does a Web Content Writer Do?

The biggest demand is for well-written articles that are unique.

Working as a Contractor

Website owners will pay you, usually through a third party, to write the content they need. You will write articles from 250 words to 1500 words on all kinds of subjects as diverse as Life’s Priorities and How To Unblock Drains, it just depends what the individual website focuses on.

You are usually paid on delivery on delivery of your article. This is sometimes called upfront payment. Payment varies depending on the quality of your work and the length of the article. It also depends on the middleman you work through.

O Desk

O Desk is a US owned site that has writers all over the World. It has a large slice of the web content providers market. You can bid for individual articles and as your reputation increases you will be offered articles to write.

Constant Content

Constant Content is another US site, but the emphasis here is on quality articles. You can earn $25 for a 500 word article and more for longer ones, but they must be unique and well written in excellent English. Constant Content allows you to write articles on spec, which are then available for website owners to buy. They also have a list of commissioned articles available with set prices.


Working on Your Own Websites

The Information Revolution playing field is much flatter than the Industrial Revolution one was. Few people had the money to build factories but anyone can build a website for less than $100.

You can either write your own web articles or you can pay web content writers to write them for you. Most people start by writing their own site content.

You make money on your own website from ads around your articles.

Many web content writers put articles on article directory sites. These sites give you a share of the ads on your articles. This is beneficial because those sites have a lot of traffic, so you are more likely to earn from articles there than on your own site. The best revenue share model is Info Barrel’s, who give you at least 75 % of the Adsense ads on your articles.

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include HowToMakeExtraMoneyWriting.com and 21CWoman.com.

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