What is the Best Article Marketing Strategy?

The best article marketing strategy depends on your emphasis. If you are tryingto grow your site users quickly, then article syndication is the best route to follow. You need lots of unique articles on Info Barrel and hub pages if you want to improve your Google search ranking.

Any search engine strategy must be a long term one, sustained release of new articles on a regular basis over years rather than weeks. This will give you the gradually increasing number of links that Google is looking for.

You can write the articles yourself or you can outsource them, the choice is yours. Outsourcing can give you top quality articles if you invest the time in finding a good writer.

Avoid article spinning software like the plague. I have seen the results and they are appalling. It shows a lack of serious interest in your articles if you are not prepared to write them properly or to have them rewritten properly.

What is your article marketing strategy? Which strategy you use depends on your objectives. If you are using article marketing to get people to your website you will use one strategy. You will need a totally different strategy if your main objective is to improve your Google page rank.

An Overview of Article Marketing Strategies

What Can Article Marketing Achieve?

Online articles give you links.

The more links you have the more visitors you get.

The more different links you have the higher your search engine ranking.

Putting lots of different articles onto the Web can both increase your search engine ranking and bring your site more visitors.

An article marketing strategy is a long-term one. Improvements in Page Rank, search engine rankings and visitor numbers take years to achieve. Article marketing is one strategy that must be continuous and prolonged. It works because of the gradually increasing number of links in to your web pages.

Best Article Marketing Strategy to Improve Your Google Ranking

What Kind of Articles Do I Need?

Google looks for different links to your web page. It also attaches more importance to links from authority, higher Page Rank sites.

You need lots of different, unique articles on many different high page rank websites, with different keywords used as the anchor text. These articles need to be of the very highest quality, so that people link back to them, increasing their page rank.

This should be the main thrust of your article marketing strategy.


Where Do I Post These Unique Articles?

In order of usefulness and ease of use:

  1. InfoBarrel.com ,

Info Barrel is extremely easy to use. Your first 10 articles are manually approved, after that you can post your articles live straight away. Two contextual, in-body links are allowed per article, plus two ore in your signature. This means that every article can link to 4 pages on your own website, allowing deep-linking.

  1. PostUrOwn

PostUrOwn is very easy to use, but all posts are manually approved. Articles need to be 300 words or more. One contextual, in-body link is allowed per 150 words, plus one signature link. Use the links to link to pages deep within your site.

  1. YouSayToo.com

This is a blog feed site, offering a wider readership, just for posting a link to the YouSayToo site.

  1. SheToldMe

Very easy to use. Most posts are only around 50 words but longer posts stand out a mile as top quality. One URL per article.

  1. Best-Reviewer

This is a top 5 list site. To use it with your article marketing strategy you need to produce Top 3, Top 5, etc lists. Each item in your list gives you one link and one image. Top 5 TV Widgets would work well in your company makes TV Widgets, with a link to the appropriate page on your website and an image of each TV Widget.

  1. HubPages.com,

Hub Pages is similar to InfoBarrel in principle, but seems a lot more difficult to use

Who Will Write My Unique Articles?

Your articles are best written by someone who is educated and knowledgeable about your company and its products. You can hire article writers on oDesk. This is an American company that acts as an interface between people needing to outsource articles and people all over the World who write them.

The site owner, Philip Turner, writes every article on this site and you are welcome to make contact to ask about outsourcing your articles.


What Kind of Articles Will Increase My Visitor Numbers?

Increasing your search engine ranking in Yahoo, Bing and Google will bring you more visitors, but syndicating articles will bring you visitors from the many small article directories and blogs that your syndicated work is found on.

Putting articles onto article syndication sites is a way of boosting your visitor numbers today, while you are waiting for the long-term effects of all the links you are building from your top quality and unique articles. All article syndication sites charge you to distribute your articles.

Articles for syndication need to be well written, but they should serve as teasers to persuade readers to click on your signature link so they can find out more. They do not need to be as superb as your unique articles do.

Where Do I Syndicate My Articles?

Content Crooner is one site I use and recommend. You are allowed one link in your signature, deep links dot not work well, so link to your home page. Articles should be informational in nature, rather than promotional. You are depending on bloggers and ezine owners taking and using your content, they will only use it if it is useful information to their subscribers.

Who Will Write My Syndicated Articles?

Use oDesk again. These articles do not need to be so perfect and will cost you less. Avoid anyone who offers to use an article spinner. The articles that are automatically rewritten by spinning programs are always obviously spun, showing that you do not really care enough to rewrite them properly

In Summary…

The best article marketing strategy is a long term rolling program of posting unique top quality articles on Info Barrel and outsourcing good quality articles that can be syndicated.

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include HowToMakeExtraMoneyWriting.com and 21CWoman.com.

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