Who Would Buy Your Articles?

Website owners need good, well-written and unique content.

They need this content in order to rank highly on search engines. Many website owners outsource their writing, in the same way that any entrepreneur will employ workers to do basic tasks that do not require the entrepreneur’s skill-set.

If you can write then you can be one of the writers who benefit from website owners’ need for articles.

Approach website owners directly

This will work if you are an “expert” in a particular niche. It can be rewarding to build a relationship with one or two website owners and to produce quality work for them. The owner benefits because he knows you can be trusted to come up with the goods, on demand.

He will want to see a sample of your work, obviously, and may not offer payment for using that, but, think long-term. Think what the writing earns you per hour and whether it is worth your while.

Write For Constant Content

Constant Content act as middle-men. People who need articles tell Constant Content and they send out emails to writers, who are then paid $20-50 for a few hours of work.

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