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There are sites like Demand Studios and Constant Content that will pay you what seems a fair amount for writing articles with titles that they specify.

Demand Studios pay $15 per article, but some of their titles are very strange, sich as Best Restaurant in Nowhere City, Minnesota. Unless you live in Nowhere City the research you must do is difficult. Constant Content titles are a little less location specific.

I suggest you sign up for one of these sites, because if you have a sudden need for $60 this week, you can blast out 4 articles and be paid immediately.

These sites make money by putting ads around your articles. If they can afford to give you $15 or more, how much do you think they are earning themselves?

Once you have your $15, for an article that took me about ten hours to write, you will never earn another cent from that article. You have sold your article and your time very cheaply.

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  • Kevin Marx:

    Good points Phil. I wonder if it would be worth while to write an article, take the $15 and hire a ghost writer to produce 3 – 500 word $5 articles which you could then post for yourself (after you have verified quality content of course) which you could then earn on in perpetuity?

    Outsourcing is probably a topic for an entire other discussion, but you could turn that one time $15 earning into potential perpetual earnings if you weren’t opposed to outsourcing. I currently don’t outsource anything, but I will admit it’s crossed my mind.


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