Writing for the Internet – Job Insurance?

No job is secure. Anyone who works for a company can be made redundant tomorrow. Finding insurance against redundancy is now almost impossible unless you are a state employee.

You can start writing for the Internet as a sort of insurance against losing your job. It costs time ratherthan money, but most people can find an hour a day to write Internet articles. The articles earn you money, either from an advertizing share or from upfront payments.

Over time you write more articles, you earn more money. In a few years time you could have enough money coming in fromyour articles to give up the full-time job and maybe go part-time.

Writing articles for the Internet means that you already have a second income source in place should the worst ever happen. If you do ever lose your job, you can just ramp up your article writing from one to ten hours a day, while continuing to look for a job.

If you stay in your job, the articles you have written have earne you money anyway. This is an insurance policy that pays out whether you ever need to claim or you never do.

Writing for the Internet is something anyone can do. Follow these tips and earn a second income writing for websites on the Internet.

Writing for the Internet-The Full Story

What Does Writing for the Internet Involve?

Most Internet writers write articles that are 500 to 1,000 words. These articles need to be written in good, but not necessarily perfect English. You need an Internet connection and a computer. You also need to make writing articles for the Internet a regular part of every day.

Is Writing for the Internet for You?

Writing articles online is not a demanding job. You need to be able to research a title quickly and to make the time to write on some very strange topics. Most web writers fit in writing a few articles before and after their regular day job.

If you are unemployed then writing articles for Internet websites is definitely for you. If you do all your writing on a Sunday it does not usually affect any unemployment benefits you may be on.

If you are on a pension, then website writing will give you additional income, yet it costs nothing.

If you are a teenager, still at school even, then write articles for your parents to submit in their own name. This gets around the age limits that most sites have in place.

If you are at home with a baby, writing articles for the Web will keep your brain active. If you join a writers’ forum you find social interaction as well.

Why Should You Be Writing for the Internet?

You should be writing because you can. You have unique knowledge and a unique viewpoint on every subject; use them by becoming an article writer.

No job is safe in today’s economy. Build a second income source now, as insurance against unemployment.

Any student who starts writing articles for websites might find they can earn a living doing just that.

Entrepreneurs might be interested in scaling up the writing by hiring ghost writers from oDesk.

How Can You Fit Writing for the Internet into a Busy Day?

Go to bed when you are tired instead of watching television. Get up two hours earlier and write one article before breakfast. Write another in the evening when everything has calmed down.

How Do I Get Paid for Writing for the Internet?

Internet writers have a choice of two ways of getting paid:

  1. Payment on delivery (upfront payment)
  2. Payment as a share of advertising (residual income)

1. Payment on Delivery (Upfront Payment)

As a new article writer you need to work through middlemen until you have built up a library of articles. The best site is Constant Content. You can post any articles you write there, or you can write commissioned articles that they send you titles for by email. Payment is usually $25 to $40 for an 800 word article.

Writing a few articles for Constant Content is a good way of finding money to pay bills.

Consider signing up for oDesk as a writer, too. You can set your own rates of pay and choose which jobs you accept.

2. Payment as a Share of Advertizing (Residual Income)

If you only ever write for upfront payment you need to keep writing until the day you die. Writing for sites that give you a share of the advertizing from your article means that you earn a gradually increasing income from every article you write for many years.

As you increase your article stock your earnings increase and become more stable.

The best article residual income site is InfoBarrel. Info Barrel gives you at least 75% of the ads on your articles. (The industry norm is 50% – 60%). It is very easy to earn a 90% share. It takes time for your Adsense earnings on InfoBarrel to increase, which is why you need to start today. Sign up now.

Where Do I find Writing Jobs for the Internet?

Almost all Internet writing jobs are for freelance writers. You write a commissioned article or you write an article on spec, you are paid for that article and you move onto the next one.

Constant Content and oDesk are the best sites for upfront paying articles.

InfoBarrel is the best site for Adsense revenue share articles.

Written by Phil Turner, an ex-teacher from Ireland. Phil believes that to succeed in anything you have to help others and share your own knowledge. He makes a living mostly by writing on his own sites, which include HowToMakeExtraMoneyWriting.com and 21CWoman.com.

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