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If you want your articles or blog posts to rank in search engines then you MUST post backlinks to them. This will take you longer than writing each article. Apply the 80/20 rule and spend 80% of your time backlinking.

Competition amongst writers for top search engine rankings increases every day and you can only compete if you have easy ways of building links. is a free service that allows you to post 25 links to any one site every day. They have a paid service that allows you to post 100 links to three sites a day. The paid service only cost me $47 as a one-off fee.

The links from Social Monkee are from small social networking sites, but every link counts for something. The paid service allows you to spread your links over a 14 day period, which will make them appear more natural than all appearing at once.

The site has a built in system for varying the link text that spins it from various options that you put in.

I have paid for the higher level service because I know many writers who claim good results from it.

I did try’s free service for a while. It is quick and easy, but a waste of time; the links disappeared or were never found by Google.

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