Article Spinning is THEFT

What do you do when you find someone has ripped off your article, put it through an article spinner program and produced a copycat version.

If it is so obvious, then it is breach of copyright and should be reported immediately to Google (assuming that the page has Google Adsense ads). This is theft. The writer has stolen your content, your intellectual prperty and is making money from it. This is almost certainly reducing the number of visitors to your own article…

How do you report Article Spinning to Google? Right Click on the Ads by Google link on an ad block on the offending page. Fill in the online forms. It will take 5-10 minutes, maximum.

What Can Google Do to the Thief? Google could close down the writer’s Adsense account, meaning that the writer would forfeit any earnings in the account and would find it difficult, if not impossible to open another one.

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