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There are different types of article writer software. An article writer could use this software to make their writing easier. The writer does need to edit the results that the software gives, but this is much easier than writing from scratch, especially if you find writing to be inherently difficult.

What is Article Writer Software?

All article writing software is basically the same; it searches the Internet for sentences related to your search term and then presents you with a list of the sentences it has found.

It is what you do with the potential content that the article writing program finds that decides how convincing your article will be.

When is Article Writer Software Useful?

Article writers may find this software useful as a source of ideas that you will rewrite. When you rewrite the content you will automatically make the many small changes that are necessary for an article to flow; there will be none of the discontinuities that are a giveaway to the fact that article writer software has been used.

As a website owner you may find article writer software useful for producing good quality articles to aim at particular niche keywords. You can use these programs to provide extra content, if you are struggling to reach your desired word count or to add a paragraph to a blog post, perhaps as an update comment.

How Can You Improve on the Results that Article Writer Software Gives You?

·           Edit out any irrelevant results

·           Input a series of closely related query terms

·           Make your query terms very detailed and specific

·            Reword and rework the results until you have a coherent whole

Common Mistakes With Article Writer Software

It is not possible to just merge the sentences into an article without any thought or planning. There are always changes of case and subject that will trip up the unwary user of article writer software. It can be difficult to make the article flow in a natural way, unless edits are made. There are subtle discontinuities that break the flow of an article when a person reads it.

Article Writer Software – Type #1 Random Sentence Finder

This software searches the Internet for sentences related to the phrase the article writer entered. The software lists the random sentences it has found and the writer selects the ones that he or she wants to incorporate into an article.

Here are three pices of article writer software that fit into this category

Instant Article Ghost Writer – 7 day free trial then $97 for 250 articles, remotely hosted, so you must have good Internet access.

Easy Article Writer – 7 day free trial then $17 a month, remotely hosted, so you must have good Internet access.

Quick Article Pro free trial download. This is the best option because you can see what it will do for you and whether the program meets your needs, without any commitment.

Instant Article Wizard Pro Collects sentences and paragraphs related to your search terms $27 a month, remotely hosted, so you will need good Internet access

Article Writer Software – Type#3 Random Question Finders

The Question Finder type software is sold with a different slant. It finds questions people are asking, instead of just random sentences. Questions come with answers and the software collects both. It can be a lot easier to construct an article around questions, even if you only glance at the associated answers.

Programs in this category of article writer software are sold as research tools, rather than article writing software, but they can be used in exactly the same way. With care and editing the results will give website owners and bloggers good enough and unique articles, without the expense of outsourcing.

Full-time article writers can use these programs to speed up research and produce more articles in a working day.

Answer Analyst  $97

Article Writer Software – Type #4 Random Paragraph Finders

This software produces 50 word paragraphs around your input data, which you then link together. You can enter closely related paragraph subjects and get a longer article. Editing of paragraphs is necessary because paragraphs do not always lead naturally onto the next.

Article Writer Pro

Instant Article Wizard Pro Collects sentences and paragraphs related to your search terms

$27 a month for ever

Article Writer Software – Type#5 Article Framework

This category of software is designed to make the article writer’s life easier, by providing a framework to write in; an Intro box, Heading 1 box, first paragraph box, etc. They are usually available as free downloads and can help writers to structure their articles.

Free Article Writing Software free download from

Article Tool Chest, a free download that includes rewriting tools from

Article Jockey a free download that includes Google Adsense keyword finder, includes spinner from

8 Minute Article Writer another free download from

PqArticle, Free if you subscribe to the owner’s blog. Find it at

Article Writer Software – Conclusion

A talented writer writing from the brain will always produce a better article than a mediocre writer using article writer software. Talented writers cost money though and sometimes a website owner needs articles of good, rather than superb quality. Any intelligent website owner or blogger can put together a good article using article writer software, as long as he or she is prepared to edit the results and build an article carefully.

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