“Article Writers Wanted” is today’s headline. It seems that every website is looking for article writers because they want unique articles, specially written to their requirements. Just search and you will find a site that promises $20-$200.

What Are Articles?

They are short pieces of writing, usually 500-1000 words, that are used as content on websites. You do need to learn a bit about keywords and how to use them in your articles, but it’s easy enough.

Why Are Article Writers Wanted?

Why do these websites want article writers so badly? Why will they pay you $200 for an article?

Websites need well-written and unique content to rank well in search engine results. If they rank well, more people will find their website and they will earn more money from advertising. If they are willing to pay you $200, rest assured they expect to make a lot more than that from the visitors your article attracts.

Article Writer Wanted For Blog

All those famous people do not dirty their hands with pen and ink, they put Article Writer Wanted ads on online classifieds sites. 99% of celebrity blogs are written by contracted article writers who answered Wanted Ads.

Who Can Write Articles?

It is easier to get started writing articles online than you realize. It costs nothing, except time and you will be able to find a website that will publish every article you write.

Anybody can write articles. If you are between 14 and 104 years old you can be an article writer. All that is wanted is a reasonable standard of English

How Do Article Writers Get Paid?

Upfront is not really the right word to use. The author is paid on delivery and acceptance of their article. The author is paid before the article has made a profit for the website, hence the term, upfront.

The other way of being paid is as a percentage of the money your article makes. There are many revenue share sites to choose from.

Where Are Article Writers Wanted?

For Upfront Payment

I recommend you avoid Demand Studios. The company behind that site has a very poor reputation amongst article writers because they are said to have lied and misled authors about where their articles were used. Search for “Article Sweeps” to hear more details. Demand Studios editors will keep sending your work back for an endless stream of “faults”, and you end up spending 4 days writing a $15 article.

Constant Content act as a clearing house for article writers and their work. You can post article to their site and wait for someone to buy them. Website owners also contract Constant Content to provide them with articles on specified subjects. If you sign up, you will receive emails with required articles. Pay is usually in the $20-$80 range, and averages $20 per hour

For a Percentage of Earnings

These websites take fewer risks, they only pay you when your article earns them money. Usually you earn 60% of any advertising income.

InfoBarrel is the only site like this that I use. I earn 90% of advertising revenue from my articles. As long as I choose the titles carefully, I earn more than I would get from upfront payments. The money also keeps on coming, for years after initial article submission. This seems a much better way of earning a living as an article writer, and it’s what I spend most of my time doing. I only write for Constant Content when I need money in a hurry.

When Do Article Writers Work ?

Each writer writes according to his or her own timetable. I start at 5am, because that is my best writing time, others work late at night.

If you have a job, then just try to write one article a day, the extra money comes in useful. If you are unemployed then write three articles a day and make a job for yourself out of your writing.

4 Responses to “Article Writers Wanted”

  • admin:

    Hi Grace,
    I might be able to help, but anyone who is paying you, myself included would need to see a few pieces you have already written to judge the standard of your writing.
    You have a few options:
    1) Join InfoBarrel and post a few articles there. It will take about a week at the moment to get your articles live
    2) Write an article for any website and post the link here
    3) Write an article for one of my websites and I would put the link on here.

    The last is the easiest, sites you might consider writing for…www.21CWoman.com (Women’s interests…very broad), https://WritingPayingArticles.com (this site…eg the Trials and Tribulations of a New Writer), https://www.WebGardeningTips.com (anything garden related)

    I hope this is of some help


    • Gracia:

      Hi Phil:

      Thank you so much for your response. I apologize though that it took sometime before I got back to this site as I was quite engrossed with some initial article writings to qualify. For now I am still looking for the best site for me that will also give a modest compensation. Since there are a lot, it is really overwhelming. Well, being knowledgeable already on this kind of work, I might as well try the sites you have suggested (especially the Women’s interest). I will surely update you should something boil up with any of the above. Oh! how do I do that, do I get back to this message of yours and write another reply? Please advise.

      Again, thank you so much and may you have a good day!


  • John Doolan:

    I was a Jockey. But several years ago I became involved in a bad Race Riding Accident and was killed. I was brought back to life again of course, but because I was now limited I attended University for a BA in Journalism and began making money as a Writer Reporter. I now write 1 and a half pages in the Program at a local Race Track. But I do get a lot of spare time. So insted of just sitting, I thought it would be nice to earn some extra Cash. But after looking through everything on the Web, I’ve come to the conclusion that most all of the Ad’s are just simply Con Jobs and Scams.
    So tell me. Are you a real company who actually “pay’s” People?

    • admin:

      I agree. Amost everything you read is written bu someone who has an angle.
      I am one individual. I don’t pay anyone.
      This site offers advice for free, which is the best advice I can offer. It’s what I do myself. I don’t want any money from you, or anyone else. If you follow my advice and it works out for you I would love to hear from you. I have no angle. This site basically tells you how you can write online and earn a few bob. Writing is no get rich quick scheme and requires time and the 4 letter W word.
      If you want any particular advice (FREE) just email me phil x turner (AT) gmail.com


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