Free keyword research tools are great, as far as they go. The big problem is the time you have to put in, and there are still important pieces of information missing.

I recently bought Market Samurai. The program is fantastic, but the affiliate program stinks – No Market Samurai referral links in this article.

Market Samurai Program-The Best Keyword Research Tool Around

You can download it free. Yes, the best keyword research software on the Internet is available for a free download. The download is not limited in any way and everybody should try it out.

If you just use it solidly for the free period you can research enough low competition, profitable niches to keep you, and a team of outsourced writers busy for a year…

Why Is Matket Samurai Special?

You get all the data you need to decide whether your articles have a chance of rankinh in Google for your intended keywords. You get it in 30 seconds (even on a slow satellite broadband connection) and you get it all in one table, on one screen. The data is even color-coded to make it easier to spot the good openings.

And it costs less than $100 if you buy it within the first 7 days of the free trial.

How Do I use Market Samurai?

I do not use the keyword eesearch feature, I still use the free Google Adsense kryword tool for that. I find a likely looking keyword then load it into Market Samurai. I press the SEO Competition button, wait 2 seconds, press Generate Results, wait 20 seconds, then the results are all presented to me.

What Does Market Samurai Tell Me?

It analyzes the top 10 Google results for your search term. It gives you more information than you can take in:

  • Domain Age
  • Page Rank
  • Google Index Count
  • Page Back Links
  • Domain Back Links
  • Page edu and gov backlinks
  • DMOZ Directory
  • Yahoo Directory
  • Keyword in Title
  • Keyword in URL
  • Keyword in Page Description
  • Keyword in Header Tags
  • Google Cach Age

If I see a line of green boxes, I will target that keyword and aim to displace that website from Google’s search results.

My ideal target would be a top result with PR = 0, Page Backlinks =0, Keywords in Title, URL, Page Description and Header Tags =N (Not in) and a Google Cache Age = 20 days

The bold items in the list are all ones that I have control over. My PR will be 0 but I will get a few back links. I will also make sure my article has my targeted key words in title, page description and tags. If I piblish my article at Info Barrel the URL will include my title and Infobarrel is very frequently visited by Google spiders, so my Cache Age should be good.

It is that simple. Plug in Keyword – Search SEO – Look for PR and Page BackLinks =zero

There are other features of the program that I have not used, yet. It is worth the price to me just for the SEO competition research.

Market Samurai Program – Worst Referral Program Ever

You get just less than 50% back if people buy Market Samurai through your referral link, sounds good so far.

When I read the samll print I found that to earn my percentage the person who bought the program also had to buy hosting and a new domain name through one of four given hosting companies. This is the kick in the tail.

Market Samurai is aimed at people who have been writing online for a while. These people already have hosting and domain name companies and they have no need to switch or to buy more hosting becxause they can just add more domains to their current hosting account. NOBODY would ever go to all that trouble, especially when two of the hosting companies have cluttered websites that I loathe, one had a website where you could not find anything and the other was  acompany I had never heard of.

I actually spent half a day signing up as an affiliate for these four hosting companies, but even then Market Samurai gave me more hoops to jump through. I gave up at this point because the probable gain was not worth the time investment required to sign up.

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