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People start a blog for many reasons:

  • You can earn money from a blog
  • You can become famous from a blog
  • You get a thrill from writing, knowing that other people are reading your blog

Most people who write articles have blogs, too. It makes sense. Every article you write gives you links to your own website. WordPress sites and blogs are very easy to set up and maintain, so use those links to send visitors to your own site.

Having a blog, or any other website you build with WordPress, allows you to earn money from any ads you put on it.

Write interesting posts and capture your readers’ interest so they come back. If they come back once they will probably become a regular reader. Regular readers come to trust what you say and recommend, meaning that they are more likely to buy services and products through your referral links, earning you money.

Blogging allows you to build a website, over time, that gradually becomes a trusted authority site in Google. It takes time, but you can turn your blog into a high earning website over a few years. Blogging can give you a nest egg, an insurance policy against unemployment and a shortage of money in retirement.

I wish I had started blogging years ago, when I had a secure job. Everyone should start a blog, before they need any extra income, so that they will have a blog that can earn money should the need ever arise.

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