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Can You Earn A Living By Writing Articles?

Yes, we can. But they have to be written for advertising revenue share sites, not for upfront paying sites. Consider…If you write 3 articles per day , that is 1000 articles a year. After a year those articles should be … Continue reading

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Info Barrel Management – 10 out of 10?

I love writing for Info Barrel because of the way the site is managed. This is what sets the site apart from other article sites I have written for: I feel appreciated for what I write. The owners themselves have … Continue reading

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Could You Make Money If You Had Next Year’s News, Today?

If someone told you to buy shares in Google when they launched, because they were a sure-fire success story would you have believed them? Not many people did. Those that did and actually bought shares are now sitting pretty. If … Continue reading

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Info Barrel – New Kid On the Block

Info Barrel only started in its present form in June 2008, two years ago, whereas competing sites have been doing business, taking articles from contributors for much longer. Info Barrel has learned from the mistakes other sites have made, but … Continue reading

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