You may have read about people making money using article syndication sites…

Article syndication involves paying a website to distribute copies of your article to hundreds of other websites.

Why would you do that? You get a link back from every website that uses your article, theoretically.

What good are these links? These links are not going to improve your article ranking, becasue they are all from low-ranked sites with very few visitors. Your article is not worth a great deal to any webmaster worth his salt because it is not unique. Any serious webmaster will want unique content anyway.

Are there any other problems? Yes. Many webmasters delete the part with your signature link in, or make it no-follow. This is against the terms they signed up to to use your article, but who is going to know and what could they do anyway? Other webmasters will put your article through an article spinning program, to give themselves a unique take on your hard work.

Why do “Gurus” Recommend Article Syndication? They want you to follow their referral link, so they get half of every dollar you pay.

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