Where do you find an article ghost writer?  Who are these people, who will write perfect articles for you? Finding a good article ghost writer is not easy, but your income depends on finding one

Article Ghost Writing-101

What Is an Article Ghost Writer?

Article ghost writers are paid a fee for writing an article. The fee is usually very small and depends on the quality of the writing. Ghost writers may call themselves freelance writers.

Where do You Find an Article Ghost Writer?

Many article writers are based in India. These writers often write using peculiar sentence structures and grammar. Writers from the Phillipines usually write in a style that more closely approximates to American English. You can find them at elance.com, freelancer.com and lastly and the only one I would recommend

oDesk, link opens in a new window.

Why do You Need to Find an Article Ghost Writer?

If you are writing articles for one of the revenue share sites, or for an upfront payment site such as Constant Content, there will come a time when you cannot write fast enough to write all the articles you want to write.

Any entrepreneur runs into this problem sooner or later. Deciding to expand beyond taking on the business you can handle yourself is a big decision.

Expansion of your article writing business to increase your earnings depends on writing more articles. If you are already writing for twelve hours a day the only way you can expand is to employ others.

You could take on local people and rent an office where you had them all writing 24 hours a day, but the costs involved are unrealistic.

Employing freelance writers is much easier. You can terminate your relationship with a freelance article ghost writer at any time and outsource the work to another freelancer.

When do You Find an Article Ghost Writer?

When you choose to expand your business depends on how much risk you are happy with. You can do it as soon as you start writing articles, but it is better to master article writing yourself and to find niches that will allow you to earn money first.

You must decide whether to spend your article income on outsourcing to ghost writers or whether to invest capital in the project. Investing capital will grow your article writing business faster, but has more risk attached.

Who Are the Best Article Ghost Writers?

Writers from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand write in the best English. These writers will use current idiom and words. Communication with someone in the same time-zone as yourself makes things easier.

The best article writers are those whose first language is English and who have a good knowledge of required keyword density and the use of synonyms.

How do You Find an Article Ghost Writer?

Find Writers on oDesk. You can find American writers on who will work for less than $3 per hour.

oDesk allows you to specify pay rates, writer location, review score and much more when you search for a freelancer.

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