Is it legitimate to hire a writer rather than to write every article yourself? Hiring a writer is one of the steps you must consider if you are trying to grow your income.

Hire a Writer – A Big Decision

Why Hire a Writer?

There are only 24 hours in a day and you must sleep for five or six of those. Most people cannot write for more than twelve hours a day. If you need more income than your maximum article output is giving you then you have two options:

1. Improve the amount you earn from each article

You can improve your article SEO, or write about different subjects. If you are selling your articles at Constant Content you can try asking for more, but it is a market economy and you are unlikely to get more money for each article in the present economic melt down.

If your articles are on InfoBarrel, then you can build extra links to them to improve their search engine position. You can also write about subjects that are less competitive, which will allow you to get more clicks.

2. Write more articles

If you are writing for twelve hours a day then you cannot write more articles. The only way to get more articles is to hire one or more writers.

When Do I Need to Hire a Writer?

This depends on many factors. Once you have a formula that works is probably the best time to ramp up your article production. You need to know that an article you have paid for will earn you your money back quickly. Once you are certain that you have a winning niche and writing formula is the time to outsource your article writing.

Where Do I Go to Hire a Writer?

oDesk is my favourite place to hire writers, I can check that they are working the hours they say they are and I can obtain high quality articles for a $5 each. I can hire American writers, British writers and writers from the Philippines on oDesk. I can offer the job to my chosen writers, or I can ask for offers.

Who Do I Hire to Write My Articles?

If you hire Western writers you will usually pay slightly more, even from , but you will get articles written using current idiom and good sentence structure. One you find an oDeskwriter whose style you like, keep her happy, keep a steady flow of work going in her direction and she will prioritize your articles.

If you would like me to write articles for you, just Contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

What Quality Will I Get From a Hired Writer?

Generally, you get what you pay for. You can have a 500 word article written for 50c, but you will need to pay someone else to rewrite or edit it. If you pay an American writer you will not necessarily get better quality than if you had hired a Filipino. Look at previous work they have done.

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