New articles are the gold of the Internet. Website visitors are attracted by new articles, as are search engine spiders. Giving your readers a constant flow of new articles will increase their loyalty and visit frequency.

New Articles-101

Why Do You Need New and Unique Articles?

You need new articles on your blog or website if you want to rank well in Google. Google, Yahoo and other search engines attach ever-increasing importance to websites having unique content.

Not only do you need new articles, though, those articles must be unique, and well written with search engine optimization throughout.

You can find articles for free on article directories, but those same articles are also on another 250 websites, so you never find unique articles on article directories. You never get anything worthwhile for free.

How Often Do You Need New Articles?

The more new articles on your website better. Establish a regular frequency of uploading fresh articles. Leave the older articles there, because Google has found those and the longer they are there the higher they will rank.

Try to upload at least one new article every day.

What Kind of Websites Need New Articles?

Websites owners who want their sites to rank well know that the best way to do that is to provide new and unique information at frequent intervals. Every business needs its website to rank well, so every business needs unique and fresh content every day. The smaller and more ambitious you are the more new articles you need every day to gradually catch up with the big guns in terms of information on your website.

Who Will Write Your New Articles?

You can write the articles yourself, but learn about SEO articles before you do. You can delegate the article writing to an employee or outsource the task.

Someone who knows your business inside and out is the best person to write the new articles you need.

Outsourcing options range from oDesk to Constant Content, or contact me direct.

Where Do You Find New Articles?

Constant Content has a lot of new articles on their stocks and you can buy the entire rights to an article ensuring that nobody else on the Web can use that article.

oDesk writers are paid to write to your specifications, but you can have a new article in your hand in a few hours.

I write articles for a wide range of articles and you are welcome to contact me about writing new articles to your specs.

How Do You Commission New Articles?

Research the keywords relevant to your business. Each article should be optimised for one keyword, though it will contain related long-tail keywords.

If you commission an article about dog kennels, it will also probably contain phrases like dog kennels for small dogs, wooden dog kennels, kennels for dogs under 12 inches high… These are long-tail keywords.

Decide how long your article should be; 1,000 words is better than 500 words because there are more opportunities to use synonyms and long-tail key words in longer articles.

Order your article, specifying any sub-headings you want, how many repeats of keywords you would like and the keywords you need the article to rank for.

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