How To Make Money From Your Own Website

If you post your articles to your own website, as I am doing here, how can you make money from those articles?

If you have a website with many articles on the same topic then that site will come to be seen as an authority site on that subject, provided you build hundreds or thousands of links to it.

Search engines will rank your site well, and your visitor numbers will increase.

There are a few simple rules to making a financial success of your website and the articles on it:

  1. Provide knowledge for your users
  2. Provide more knowledge for your users
  3. Provide services for your users
  4. Build your users’ trust

Only after doing all of those should you even begin to think about making money from your website. Most people react in a negative way to being ‘Sold to’. Websites are not good selling media, because it is so easy for a visitor to click away and leave your site selling to itself.

Your visitors must choose to buy if you are to make any income from them.They will only choose to buy if they trust you and like you.You MUST build a relationship with your users BEFORE you show them things they might want to buy. Always remember your visitors choose to buy, you cannot sell to someone on your website, they will become resentful, go away and never come back.

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