Install Alexa-Analyse Your Competition for Free

There are two common indicators of a website’s popularity; Google Page Rank  and Alexa Rank.

You can only influence your website’s Google PR by building lots of links into it. This can take years and is a lot of hard work.

You can improve your site’s Alexa rank in a few minutes. Alexa rank is determined by the number of visitors you have with an Alexa toolbar installed. The Alexa toolbar gives users all kinds of useful information about a website including ratings and reviews. It can be installed either as a toolbar or as a toolbar gizmo  at the bottom right of the screen.

If you tell your users about the Alexa toolbar some will opt for the free download and your own Alexa rank will improve if these visitors return .

Everyone with a website should have this installed. Just visiting your own website every day with the toolbar active will improve your website’s Alexa rank from 16 million to under 1 million.

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