Internet article marketing is a free or low cost way to get both links and visitors to your website. You submit articles to article directories, which then allow bloggers and website owners to use your article for free. Every article has a link back to a website of your choice.

Internet Article Marketing-101

Article marketing has been around since the printing press was invented. Businessses would give free copy to local newspapers in return for a mention of their name, free advertising. Today, it has come to mean Internet Article Marketing.

Why Use Internet Article Marketing?

If you are a website owner, you can get links to your site by writing articles, or paying freelance writers to write articles for you. Every article on every site would be a link pointing back to your chosen site. All these links, from different IP addresses will boost your Google page rank and get you higher in any search results.

Article marketing is available at a low cost to everyone online. Writers can post articles at article directory sites and have them taken up and on websites all over the Internet.

When To Use Article Marketing?

If you have a website and you want to boost the page rank of a given page, then submit articles to directories and watch the links to your chosen page grow in number every day.

How To Use Article Marketing?

There are many programs that claim to automate the article submission process, spinning your article into a unique piece for each site. The programs I have seen are a total waste of money. It takes longer to check a spun article and make it read correctly than it would have taken to write a new article in the first place. Captchas also catch out the automated software and you have to be there at the computer to select categories and enter Captcha codes.

Who Would Be Interested In Internet Article Marketing?

Two groups of people are interested in article marketing; writers and website owners.


You have an opportunity as a writer to write content and be paid with real money, cash on delivery. These are the kind of articles that Constant Content are commissioned to find. They pay you $40, the commissioning website owner pays them $50…

You also have the opportunity to build your own authority sites with hundreds of links from your articles pointing to them.

Website Owners

These guys want fresh content every day, but most of them want it for free. Those who are willing to pay will commission freelancers to write it. If they want high quality writing they will use Constant Content to source the articles. If they want poor quality articles for 10 cents each they will go to one of the other big freelancing sites.

For website owners who want free content, they can either write it themselves or download articles from article directories. There is s third option, they can use Guest Posts, especially on a blog site. Some writers are happy to provide that content, free, as guest posters, just for the links back to their chosen website; that is article marketing.

Problems with Internet Article Marketing

There are major problems developing. There are so many articles and websites downloading articles from directories that writers do not have time to check if they are being given the links that they are expecting.

  • Many website owners abuse the trust that makes article writing and marketing work. Some delete the author bio box entirely, others change it. Links may be deleted or changed to no-follow links. Others will take an article and put it through an article spinner to make it unique.

The article directories wash their hands of the whole problem of website owners deleting or changing links.

  • Search engines value unique content much more highly than duplicate content. If a hundred websites use an article, Google will only count one of those links in its Page Rank calculations. Writers do not get the Page Rank boost that they expect

Trends in Internet Article Marketing

A two tier market is developing:

  1. There are websites that commission unique articles or use guest posters and only have unique material
  2. There is a lower tier of websites that want free content that they obtain by downloading articles from directories, not caring about any duplicate content penalty.

Good article writers are becoming disillusioned with all the links they do not get, and fewer are submitting high quality articles to directories.

The only group of article writers that is growing in this section of the market are those in India and China, whose English is not good enough to be able to sell their articles.

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