Make Money as a Blog Writer. It is a bit more complicated than it sounds, but you can succeed financially as a blog writer if you follow these tips.

Pre-Requisites to Making Money as a Blog Writer

You need to forget about making money from your blog for now. Before people will be willing follow any recommendations you give, they must come to know, like and trust you. Before they can get to know you they have to find you.

How to Help People to Find Your Blog

Updating your blog is the easiest part of your work as a blog writer. Promoting your blog is the hardest. You must promote your blog or let your hopes of financial success as a blogger die.

You must work on promoting your blog to two different groups; those who follow links you post and those who find you in search engines.

People Who Find You in Search Engines

To target this group your blog must be on the first two pages of Google’s search results for your chosen key word terms. Make sure you do not go into a battle you cannot win; avoid ultra-competitive search terms such as mesothelioma or make money online.

Build links in to every page and every post you put on your blog. Be creative and use short link sites such as InfoPirate and Snipsly, list sites such as Best and and sites that ask for longer posts like  Do guest posting to get links from other blogs. Write articles at InfoBarrel .com to get links from your articles.

Join a related forum, contribute for a few months before posting any links, even signature links. Most forum links are DoFollow and this long-term, waiting approach will pay off.

Every post, every page must be optimised for one unique keyword phrase.

Use social bookmarking sites that use DoFollow links.

People Who Follow Links

Getting your knowledge out there is useful for the links to improve Google’s rating of your site, but real people follow those links too.

Post your articles where real people will find them. That means longer posts, rather than 30 word bookmark sites. If people like what they read in your article some will want to read more, so they will follow your links.

Guest posts are great in this respect, as are Best Reviewer ‘Tops’ and article signatures on InfoBarrel.

Consider Content Crooner, this is an article syndication site. Hundreds of websites download and use your content, all must show your author signature box with your link. Even one hundred sites showing your link means you have an excellent chance of getting blog visitors as a result.

How to Build Your Blog’s Authority

You need to build your blog’s authority before you try to make moneyas a blog writer. What do I mean?

  1. Get links into your blog – See above
  2. Improve your blog’s Alexa Rank – Download Alexa tool
  3. Build a group of subscribers who read your blog avidly – Give them good stuff to read, pass on unique knowledge and insights that they will not find anywhere else

Working as a Blog Writer

A blog writer’s work is never done. It is work and there is always something else you could be doing. Avoid trying to build and grow two blogs at the same time, you cannot do it unless you outsource the work and it is a bit early in the game to be doing that.

Focus on helping people. Like your subscribers and avoid thinking of subscribers as customers.

Most blog writers fail to earn much money because they are too focused on making money. The few blog writers who make money are those who like their subscribers and whose subscribers like them. Remember the Know, Like Trust Law.

Your subscribers know that you earn money by recommending affiliate products and services, so they have to Trust you before they will follow your links and allow you to earn money.

Using Adsense as a Blog Writer

Once you have a regular readership it makes sense to put Adsense ads on your blog, Google’s ads are relevant to your page content and some of your subscribers will find some ads useful and will click on them.

Never discuss your earnings on your blog or do anything else that Google could construe as inciting readers to click.

Using Chikita as a Blog Writer

Chikita is another earning program that you can have on your site at the same time as Adsense. Earnings are small, but every little helps and it is a good idea to have more than one source of earnings, just in case you are slapped by Adsense for no good reason; it happens.

Using Affiliate Programs as a Blog Writer

Affiliate programs are another legitimate source of earnings open to every blog writer. Once you have worked through the Find, Know Like and Trust stages in your relationship with your subscribers you will be able to recommend affiliate products and services to them and make some money by doing so.

There are many affiliate marketplaces, websites that act as middlemen between website owners and companies with services to promote. Commission Junction is the largest and has a massive range of affiliate programs, some of which are bound to be relevant and useful to your subscribers.

Be very choosy. Know your product and your subscribers and ensure that the two match up. Your reputation will disappear instantly if you start recommending irrelevant or useless products.

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