You will earn far more by submitting articles to revenue sharing sites than any upfront payment site will ever pay you. This is where you should spend most of your time.

Each article will pay you a small amount each month, but those small amounts add up to a substantial income. Over two years you should earn $20 from an article, putting you $5 up on the short-term income option, and that article will continue to pay you for years to come.

There are some sites that Pay Per View – Forget those straight away.

Choosing a Revenue Share Article Site

Check out this article for questions you need to ask.

Never put all your eggs in one basket. Once you have a hundred articles you should diversify and start writing for another website. This makes your income more secure, and if your first website decides to delete all your articles, you have the same number on your second site as a buffer against the loss of income.

Write a lot of articles for your Adsense Share sites. These will be your main income source so this is where you should spend most of your time.

Optimizing Your Articles For Search Engines

Your article will only ever be read if it is on Page 1 of Google. You can get it there, but you have to promotre your article by linking to it. The article must also be written in the correct way, using keywords a set number of times and choosing keywords that do not have too much competition.

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