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Every article writer has bad days, days when they are depressed over the lack of Adsense earnings or days of gloom wondering if writing articles is ever going to earn more than pennies.

Think long-term.

I have all of the same problems. Here’s how I get over them:

  • I have minimum targets for every day, even days I am not planning to write. These targets are very achievable because I feel good as I tick off targets I meet on my spreadsheet
  • Once I have achieved my minimum writing targets I usually feel more positive and go on to a second level of “desirable targets”
  • If I get no inspiration I will go back to my list of articles and build links to those articles, mainly from my own blogs, but sometimes from external bookmarking sites
  • If my brain feels stale I will switch from writing, turn the computer off and catch up on a few jobs around the house or yard.

I know that article writing will take time before it earns a full-time income. I know that I should have a thousand articles out there, earning for me, and I plan to reach that target, but it will take me a year of writing. I went into this with my eyes wide open and it is costing me very little, just 30 euro a month extra bandwidth on my satellite broadband connection.

Writing articles probably costs you nothing, except time. It will give you a good financial return, eventually.

Aa an article writer your motivation comes down to motivating yourself. Different people think differently and every article writer must learn how to best motivate his or her self.

Article Writer Motivation

Motivation for many people writing Internet articles breaks down into long and short term motivation.

Motivating Yourself to Write Articles On Good Days

On good days you probably feel positive about the prospects of earning money in the long term from your article writing. Most writers have a routine that they need to stick to if they are to hit their writing targets for the day.

I get up at 5 or 6am and do two or three hours writing before breakfast. I found that this worked when I was teaching; I am at my most creative in the morning and could run off two thousand words before leaving for school. You might be a late night writer, work out a routine for yourself and stick to it.

Once you have reached your target for the day, stop writing and do something away from your computer. Your brain needs a rest. While you are actively doing other things you will come up with many new article titles to write.

Motivating Yourself to Write Articles On Bad Days

Recognise that there will be days when you feel less positive, negative even. Don’t fight it, use it.

Earning money from article writing has many aspects. If you cannot write new articles then spend the day building links to your old articles or coming up with new titles. There is always something you can do.

Remember that you only have a few articles, your article earnings will not be consistent until you have over two hundred articles. Expect your earnings to fluctuate and avoid becoming disappointed on low earnings days.

Take a day off to recharge your batteries, catch up on chores and do the shopping when you feel negative. Days off are very important, too.

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