One way to get more visitors is to submit your article to web directory sites. There are various programs and services you can use to help you to submit your articles. The article submission process can be very tedious if you try to do it without using one of these services, just keeping track of which sites you have submitted which article to is a nightmare.

Where Do You Have to Submit Your Article To?

You need to submit your article’s URL to:

  • Search engines
  • Web Directories
  • Backlinking sites

You might also choose to submit your article to an article submission service

Why Do You Have to Submit Your Article’s URL?

If you don’t submit your article’s URL, then how is Google ever going to find it? Every time you submit your article you get a backlink to it. The backlink might be nofollow, but it is still a backlink. Google ranks pages with more backlinks faster, ergo get as many backlinks as you can for faster indexing.

How Do You Submit Your Articles’ URLs Manually?

Basically, you visit each search engine, one at a time and follow the instructions for site submission. These change from time to time, which is why they are not included on this page.

Where Do You Submit Your Article’s URL?

You can submit it to sites like InfoPirate, SheToldMe, YouSayToo, etc etc, where you write between two sentences and 500 words to summarise your article. You have to submit your article’s URL  to each site separately.

You can submit your site’s URL or articles’ URLs to web directories, There are thousands of these directory sites. They generally have a paid option, that gives you a rapid service and sometimes a dofollow link, buy most people use the directories’ free services and put up with waiting a few months and a nofollow link.

There are automated and semi-automated software solutions to mass directory submissions.

IMAutomator has a free service that allows you to submit up to ten of your articles’ URLs or other URLs every day. When you submit one, IMAutomator then sends your submission automatically to fifteen lesser known social bookmarking sites, over a period of 1, 15 or 45 days, the choice is yours. Your article receives 15 backlinks for 2 minutes’ work.

How Can You Submit Your Articles’ URLs Automatically?

You have three choices:

  • You can use article submission software
  • You can use an article submission service
  • You can outsource your article submission activities, either to a relative or to a freelancer
  • Try this tool

What Article Submission Software Is Available?

You will find software that claims to submit your article automatically, while you are asleep to thousands of directories. Fully automated software does not exist. At each directory there are Captchas to complete and sub-directory selections that must be made by a human, to prevent automated submissions.

There is software available that makes the process of submitting your articles to directory sites easy, semi-automated is the term usually used. These are usually hosted on the software company’s server, so you can only use them where you have a fast Internet connection.

Usually you choose a directory at random from a list and the software connects to it. You fill in the details on the missing submission form (the software fills in URL, name, address and so on), you fill in any Captcha and choose a sub-directory for your article and press submit. The software records whether your submission was successful and you move onto the next directory site.

The whole process to submit one of your articles’ URLs takes about 5 minutes. This is a process that can be outsourced at a very low cost because of the simplicity of the process.

There are submission services that will submit your articles’ URLs to web directories for you. There are even article submission services that will write and submit your article to directories and search engines for you. These services are more worthwhile for websites than for article promotion.

Submit Your Article’s URL to Search Engines

You can submit your articles’ addresses to search engines, either manually, or using article submission software; you need to submit to Yahoo, Bing and Google manually, in any case. Some directory submission software includes a search engine submission option, use this, rather than buying another program.

Submit Your Article to an Article Distribution Service

If you are writing your article for a directory where you earn an Adsense share, then you will want that article to be unique, so you cannot submit it to a distribution service. What you can do, though is to do a shorter or different version of it that you do send for general distribution.

An article submission or distribution service sends your article to hundreds or thousands of small article sites and websites. The article has a link box with your links in it. Every website that uses your article sends a link back to your chosen website. This can be extremely beneficial in terms of increasing your inbound links. One article that might cost you a dollar to submit for distribution might be used 1,000 times, giving you 1,000 dofollow links into your website.

There are different payment options available from the different article submission sites, ranging from a flat fee per article submitted (Isnare) to monthly, annual and lifetime unlimited subscriptions (Content Crooner) 120 article submissions for $100 (83c ea)…12 article submissions for $18 ($1.50 ea)

OR Platinum membership $59.95 per month for 300 articles per month

www.contentcrooner.comUnlimited article submissions for 1 month $39.99, for 1 year $269.99 (Save $209.89), Lifetime $ 599.99 SPECIAL OFFER $399

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