Web content writing is a work from home job that anyone can do. You can do it as a freelancer for other website owners or for your own websites. Article writing is the most common form of web content writing.

Web Content Writing – 101

Who Can Do Web Content Writing?

Anyone with a good enough level of written English can do web content writing. Most 14 year old school students can write better articles than a low cost freelancer from India or China.

Get your children to earn their weekly allowance by writing web content. Post it under your own name and pass on what it earns. This is a superb way to introduce teenagers to the concept of earning their own living.

What Kind Web Content Writing Can I Do?

The biggest web content writing demand is for articles.

If you have a blog then you can do paid posts, usually favorable reviews of particular services or products.

How Much Web Content Writing Work Is Available?

Every website needs new articles every day, preferably free and preferably unique, but the only way they can get all three; unique, fresh and free, is to write the articles themselves. There is a continuous need for fresh website content, for new articles and web copy. This need is going to increase as the number of website owners who want it increases every day.

There will always be more work for writers who are prepared to work for less. Set your own rates and stay with them. You cannot compete on price with writers in India who will do a 500 word article for 50c. You can compete on quality; quality of research and quality of written English.

There is a growing realization that Google can spot poorly written English and will eventually penalise those sites that use it. If your writing is good, then you can demand a fair rate of pay, and get it.

Why should I Write Articles?

You should be doing web content writing because you can. You have knowledge that you should use, that you should pass on.

Articles are short, highly focused pieces that the average person can run off very quickly. A 500 word article can be done in less than one hour once you have written a few articles

You are not limited to writing about subjects you know about. You can do a bit of online research and quickly find enough information to write a 800 word article.

If you are unemployed, do all your article writing on a Sunday and it does not usually affect any social security benefits you are receiving.

Where Do I Find Articles I Can Write?

Join Constant Content and you get a stream of freshly commissioned article titles by email. You will need to be quick to write these articles and get them in before other writers get theirs in.

Join Info Barrel and there is a constant list of required articles on the site. Or you can write articles with your own titles on the InfoBarrel site.

Start a blog in a profitable niche and write articles for that on a daily basis.

Look for work writing articles for local companies’ websites.

How Do I Make Money From Web Content Writing?

You can write commissioned articles for payment on delivery, so-called upfront payment. In between commissioned pieces you can either write on spec and post those on sites like Constant Content, where interested people can buy your work at prices you set.

Your web content writing should include writing articles for sites like InfoBarrel, where you earn from ads placed around your articles, every month for years to come.

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