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Google’s infamous Panda update is only the latest battle in their fight to give searchers quality content that is useful. It has meant that article directories like HubPages have been hit hard. Where do we go from here?

Where To Write

When you write for any article site, the rubbish that other writers produce using article spinning software affects your high quality articles. In many ways you are better off writing for your own website, where you can guarantee that every post is of the highest quality.

There are problems, like getting traffic, being sand-boxed and building reputation, but these are surmountable and within your own control.

What to Write

Quality is going to become increasingly important as search engines introduce more changes to improve the results they give searchers. Spelling, sentence structure and punctuation all need to be excellent. If search engines cannot yet recognise good English they will be able to soon.

How to Write

Write for people. It is people who search Google and those people who Google needs to please. Forget writing to certain keyword densities. If your writing does not read well, then it has no long-term future. Attract people and Google will follow.

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