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Now the eHow WCP has closed down how do you intend to replace your earnings? There are other ways of earning money writing articles, but none so easy as eHow’s WCP. We are all going to have to learn new tricks.

If you are removing your eHow articles to put them elsewhere you should be aware of the work you will need to put into them to bring them up to scratch for any other site.

You have two decisions to make, where to put your old eHow articles and where to write new articles to replace your eHow income.

Where to Put Your Old eHow Articles

You are probably thinking of InfoBarrel or HubPages as a potential home for your old articles. If these articles are the typical short, 150 word, eHow articles then you will need to expand on the topic of each one to make it fit into the guidelines for either site.

You will need to build links to your articles wherever you put them, so be aware of this from the outset. Your articles will take a few months to start to earn money and may never earn as much as they did at eHow.


This site has taken a very hard knock from Google’s ™Panda update. Writers have taken a 75% drop in earnings. HubPages has a very flexible, but rather complicated writers’ interface. There are strict rules about links too, that change all the time. Under Google’s™ old formula HubPages articles (called Hubs) did very well in search results because they gained from the site’s authority. Site authority is a much smaller factor in search engine rankings now, so HubPages has lost most of the advantages it once had over its rivals.


InfoBarrel was hardly affected by Google’s ™ Panda update. This is a younger site, with a lower Google Page Rank ™, but that matters less in Google’s ™ new algorithm. The writer’s interface is a simple one, though still very flexible. You can have two self-serving links in each article and you can have two more in your signature. There is a very active forum, where writers who are new to this way of earning can quickly learn the ropes. This forum is unique in the way it welcomes new members. There is a teamwork approach in everything about the site, from Admin down (believe it or not after eHow).

Where to Write New Articles

You can put your new articles onto InfoBarrel or HubPages along with your older work.

Alternatively you can start your own website and write articles for that. This is a good option to consider if you prefer to write on a narrow range of topics. It will take longer for articles on your own website to start earning but you are in full control. Article sites change owners and when they do the rules will change. Having your own sites should be part of your earnings diversification.

Advantages of Writing for InfoBarrel and HubPages

  • Articles are indexed faster and earn sooner.
  • You learn a lot by talking to other writers on the site’s forum

Advantages of Writing for Your Own Site

  • You have full control
  • You keep 100% of any income

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