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There are many people who believe that anyone’s articles are fair game for them to copy, either directly to pass them off as their own, or to put through an article spinner to produce a “new” article.

These people are pretty low.

What can you do? Short answer – Nothing. Long Answer – Report the website to Google. Right click on any Google Adsense ad to do this, it’s pretty easy. Hopefully the plagiarist will lose their Adsense account, permanently along with any accumulated earnings.

How can you check? Go to, or just paste a few sentences into Google and search with inverted commas/quotation marks around your content.

Is it any good reporting copied articles to the hosting site? Probably not, but do so if you came across any, anyway. The wallet is the only place to hit anyone or any website doing this, so just report the site to Google for using stolen content

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