Try writing online for money. It’s easier than you think. You can earn $1-$3 a month from a good article, every month for years. That’s passive income, you write once and get paid indefinitely.

How Does Writing Online for Money Work?

Most websites have advertisements on them. When a visitor clicks on an ad, the website owner is paid by Google. Some website owners share that income with the writers who provide articles for their website.

Website owners calculate the writer’s payment share in different ways.

Different Article Writing Sites’ Payment Systems Secret formula used to calculate a writer’s share of income Secret formula used to calculate a writer’s share of income, heavily biased towards top performing articles 50% share of advertising goes to writers 75% of Adsense clicks go to the author’s own Adsense account. If a writer meets certain, very easily met, writing criteria then 90% of Adsense  clicks go to the writer’s account. A similar share of earnings from Amazon links go to the writer. 60% of Adsense clicks go to the writer’s own Adsense account

Suite 101: Secret formula used to calculate a writer’s share of income Secret formula used to calculate a small upfront payment and then an unknown, but small share of advertising revenue No share of advertising revenue, just approximately 0.3cents per view 50% share of Adsense clicks No share of advertising revenue, just approximately 0.01p (UK site) per view No payment, whatsoever.

Article Sites-Problems

If you are writing online for money, then you will choose asite likely to earn you the most money, so you can ignore Instructables and pay per view sites altogether. The secret formula sites are impossible to judge how much you will earn from your writings online. For your money to be secure there are a range of other factors you need to consider.

eHow delete articles. The articles deleted are generally thought to be the highest earning ones. eHow then, allegedly, replaces an author’s deleted article with one written for a small flat fee or by one of its staff writers, increasing their own profits at the expense of the writer’s income.

Squidoo earnings depend on the rank of your article. The lowest third, or so, of articles earn nothing. The earnings are heavily skewed towards the top 5% of articles.

Triond articles are often written in less than perfect English. Think carefully before associating yourself with sites like this.

Xomba articles seem to get very few visitors or clicks. You also have to spend many hours promoting those articles

The Best Two Article Writing Sites

If you are serious about writing online for money you are left with only two sites that meet most people’s criteria: Info Barrel and Hubpages.

Hubpages has a higher Google Page Rank, so your articles will receive more hits, but only pays you 60% of ad revenue. InfoBarrel is a younger site, so it has a lower Page Rank, but this will improve over the next year. Info Barrel also pays you 90% of ad revenue. InfoBarrel also has many more, popular, short titles available, whereas writers on Hubpages have taken all the best titles already.

At Hubpages competition between writers is encouraged by the ranking system that the site uses. Info Barrel has a much more friendly, cooperative approach and any competition there is is much lower key and friendly.

InfoBarrel has a referral program, whereby you earn a small percentage of any earnings that your referrals earn, without reducing those earnings. Hubpages currently has no referral program.

The forum on InfoBarrel is a superb, helpful and very positive place, where new members are welcomed and probably tips the balance towards Info Barrel as being the best place to write online for money. The Hubpages forum seems to be full of self-opinionated writers who constantly denigrate others and are intolerant of opinions other than their own.

InfoBarrel has an excellent anti-spam policy, whereas Huppages seems plagued with poor quality spammy articles that are factually incorrect.

If you divide your efforts between the two sites your earnings growth will be very slow. Once you have signed up for both, you get to see the whole picture, so make your decision at that stage as to which site you will write your first 200 articles. Once you have about 200 articles up at one site is the time to diversify for the security of your income.

The Best Article Submission Site

Start writing for just one site. Infobarrel is the rising star in this field; it has the best management, remuneration system, Adsense share and forum

Diversification is necessary once you have over 200 articles, because websites can change ownership and remuneration policies. If you invest two years writing online with one website for money and then that site switches to a pay per view policy instead of an Adsense share policy all of your earnings would disappear overnight.

The Second Best Article Submission Site

While you are writing for Infobarrel, keep an eye on Hubpages, but wait until you have 200 InfoBarrel articles before writing for them.

When you are writing online for money, you are investing time, in the same way that some people invest money in shares. Only a fool would invest all one million dollars in any one company, the wise investor would spread it over ten companies, in different sectors of the economy. You must spread your risk by writing for more than one article site if your online earnings are to be secure.

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