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Why will you never find an Internet “guru” telling you about writing articles?

These guys sell dreams about making millions online with minimal effort. They also want you to come back again and buy the next dream when the first one fails.

Internet gurus pour scorn on article writers and the millions of writers who earn beer money from Adsense ™. They describe all these people as “bottom-feeders”, as picking up the scraps. They would love to convert every writer on InfoBarrel into another referral for their latest guru scam deal.

When someone clicks a link in an email to buy a $97 guru scam product, the guy who sent you the email earns $48.50 of that, just for introducing the potential buyer. Small wonder that we all get so much email promoting the latest “guru” super-products.

Writing articles works, but it takes time to start earning. It is also free, so there is no affiliate commission to be earned by recommending it to people. It takes effort to earn by writing and most people want an effortless solution, which is why they are willing to pay “gurus” $97 a time for a “Make a million a year plan” that could never work.

If you work hard writing articles for six months you can earn £30 a month. The good news is that even if you stop writing after those six months you will still earn £30 a month for years to come. It will probably go up, but should not go down.

Your first six months are spent learning how to write articles and how to find profitable subjects to write about. Your second six months of writing will earn you a lot more than your first six months. This is another reason you will not find gurus telling you about article writing. Persistence is what you need and gurus make money from people hopping from one idea to the next, buying an affiliate product every time.

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