You need to balance your need for immediate cash with your needs for cash next month and cash in ten years.

Any successful company has more more than one source of income. The company has products that will continue to produce income for years as well as products that are building income that will become available in twenty years.

A plumber will mend taps (Immediate income), offer service contracts for an annual fee (medium term income) and he will grow the business so it can be sold when he wants to retire (Long term income).

As a writer you need to do the same.

If you spent all your time writing for immediate payment websites like Constant Content and Demand Studios you would never have any continuing income from these articles. You would have to keep on writing that number of articles every day until you drop dead of exhaustion. You should sign up for Constant Content because there may come a day when you need money in a hurry.

You should spend at least some time every day writing for sites that pay you a share of the advertising revenue that your article brings in. InfoBarrel is probably the best. These articles will earn and earn for years, but the immediate prospects of income are small. They are worthwhile because of the income they will bring you over the next ten years. Unless you have a desperate need for immediate cash you should spend most of your time writing for these sites. Choose at least two sites for security of income.

You should also set up your own website. This will provide you with your long term income. It will be your nest egg. You need a nest egg because websites change owners and policies and your favourite revenue share site might suddenly switch to pay per view if it changes ownership, destroying your medium term income stream. Your own website is the only one you have FULL control of and thus that you can ever have 100% confidence in.

It sounds like a lot to take in, and a lot of work. Yes to both.

If you want to earn your living by writing articles it is important to approach it as a business. When you start up  a business you work 16 hour days without much reward. That is how you have to approach writing articles. this is a business and it takes time before you can give up the day job.

Everybody should write a few articles a week while they still have day jobs, because nobody knows when their job is going to go. If you are une,ployed then you should be writing articles 16 hours a day, in one form or another.

You will need to learn some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. It is no good just spraying articles onto the Internet, you also need to learn how to get those articles into Page 1 on Google. You need to learn about choosing key words and how often to use them in your articles. I only know of one resource that tells you EXACTLY how to do all this. I bought it myself and recommend it to everyone. Check out about the book on this page of the website.

Follow the Step-by Step plan to starting your own article writing business.

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