Each day you need to do something for long and medium term income.

Day 1 – Sign up for DemandStudios.com and Constant-Content.com. These sites will ask you to submit a sample piece of writing. Start that sample today. You need to sign up for at least one site, so you can use it to earn Instant Income should you ever need to.

Day 2 – Sign up with one Article Site that gives you a share of the Adsense revenue, preferably to your own Adsense account. InfoBarrel.com is the one I write for because I like the fact that they are an up-and-coming site. Check out the InfoBarrel post category and InfoBarrel page for more information. Read a few of the articles on the Info Barrel site and get the feel for the writing style. Set up a signature and profile. Start writing your first article.

Write the draft for your Demand Studios or Constant Content samples.

Day 3 – Finish your sample for Demand Studios or Constant Content. Wait until Day 4 to send it off.

Write your first Info Barrel article. Submit this to admin for quality checking. Check your signature. Don’t worry about putting a picture in this first article. Log in to the Info Barrel Forum. This is where you will learn everything you will need to know about writing. The people who use the forum are very generous with their time and knowledge. Check this article out that I wrote about the forum on Info Barrel.

Day 4 – Read through your sample articles, make any changes and send them off to Demand Studios and Constant Content.

Log on to the Info Barrel forum and introduce yourself. Write your second Info Barrel article.

Start thinking about setting up your own blog. What subject area will your blog be on? Would you enjoy writing about that subject evert day? Are there Adsense ads in that niche? (check this by searching for your subject and checking how many ads are shown)

Day 5 - Log on to Info-Barrel forum, what will you learn today? Write your third Info Barrel article.

Sign up for Google’s Adsense program .

Day 6 - Start keeping a spreadsheet of all your article titles. You will be linking to each one and this is the only way to keep track of what links go to each article.

Start researching exactly how to write articles, for InfoBarrel or for any other site, including your blog posts. SEO is a pain and takes time. I bought an ebook that tells me EXACTLY what keywords to choose and how often to use them in each article. I could wholeheartedly recommend this ebook course to my  own mother. Read about SEO and the book HERE.

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