A Story of an Unhappy Article Writer (Part 1)

This is a true story. Names have been changed, but websites referred to are the actual ones.

Two years ago an American, called Amy (not the writer’s real name decided to write articles for a revenue share website calle eHow. She wrote hundreds of high quality articles for eHow and as eHow’s Page Rank increased her articles started to earn a part-time income.

They earned her money every month, and although Amy never knew how much money she was going to get, or what date she was going to get it she was paid every month. Amy was a bit annoyed because she never knew how her earnings were calculated because of the Secret Formula that eHow uses to calculate earnings.

One day Amy checked her articles and found that eHow had deleted 20 of her articles. The site had not told her why these were deleted, nor given her a chance to amend them, they just deleted them.

Amy checks the eHow forum and finds that everyone there is RAGING because the same thing has happened to them. The general speculation is that eHow has deleted these articles that they were paying their writers every month for, so they could replace them with contracted out, flat rate articles.

Amy realizes that these were some of her best paying articles and thinks that the speculation is probably correct.

Amy knows that the rest of her articles are earning her money on eHow, though, so she leaves them there.

Next month more of Amy’s articles are deleted and she starts to realize that there will come a point where she has no income from eHow, so she had better start looking for a new site to host her articles.

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