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Search Engine Optimization is not possible to cover satisfactorily on one page of a website. There are thousands of websites dedicated to telling you exactly how to improve your search engine rankings.

Your SEO goal is to have every article in the top spot on Google. There are two components to this:

  • What you write in the article
  • How many quality links you can get TO your article

There is a tremendous amount of garbage written by ‘gurus’ about how you should write an article. These guys have never written an article in their lives. They are just guessing.

What you need is one-to-one contact with someone who has done it, someone who is still writing and earning a solid amount by writing articles; someone who is still wearing the teeshirt. This guy, or guys, would tell you:

  1. EXACTLY how to choose article subjects and titles
  2. EXACTLY how to choose keywords, and explain what keywords are
  3. EXACTLY how many times to repeat keywords in any article
  4. How to avoid common mistakes
  5. How to make sure the Adsense ads on your page matched your article’s subject
  6. An Email address that they actually answer when you sent them questions

It would be the best thing since sliced bread, if only…





Well… actually… I bought a copy of series of guides that does all this and more. I have come to know these guys, and they are straight up, honest Americans. They work for a living in the real world and write articles as well.

Their guide is all you need to make more money from your articles. This content is a series of Principles and Rules that apply wherever you write articles, even on blog posts. The guide includes contact emails that they check and answer, personally, every day.

Click here to check these 2 guys out.

Just a word of warning: The Product is called InfoBarrel Success because Info Barrel is the site these guys post their articles to and make a lot of money on. The Rules and Principles they teach can be applied to any competing site, even to writing your own blog posts. The title should really be A How To Guide To Writing Paying Articles, ANYWHERE.

3 Responses to Article SEO

  1. Howie says:


    Both Jason and I REALLY appreciate what you have said about us, as well as, our course. I actually begun writing for Info Barrel in August 2009 (I have over 250 articles now), and Jason began writing their months before I did. I took alot of inspiration from him and learned a TON of great tricks….we both brought great skills, knowledge, and insight to this product, that actually was in excess of 600+ pages before we decided to single space everything, purely to make printing easier and less taxing on people so they don’t have to use a ton of paper and ink.

    Thank you for this article, Phil!….we are really just two ordinary guys. Jason is a jail guard, and I’m a young commission officer in the U.S. Army. This is our passion…what we love to do….and, we quickly found that we were REALLY good at doing the things necessary to make the search engines tick and come to love and adore our content. It isn’t easy though….and, is envoloped in a bit of a complex science that we really needed 6 books to explain effectively.

    If anyone is interested, you can find us on Info Barrel’s forum quite frequently, and we do spend countless hours providing email support to Info Barrel writers, regardless of whether they purchased our course or not.

    Take care,

  2. Jason (jcmayer777) says:

    Thanks so much for all the kind words, Phil. It’s truly an honor to have great authors, like you, make positive statements about our course. That’s really the most gratifying part of this whole process.

    I know we’ve said it over and over again, but the course took us almost 6 months to produce. We didn’t take any shortcuts. While we could have used ghost writers or offered the same old stuff, we chose to do something different. We wanted to provide the most complete, easy to follow guide ever made for any platform. If we didn’t make that goal, we came awfully close to it. We really put everything into this course.

    Again, it’s really great to hear those kind words from you, Phil. Judging by the quality of your articles and interesting topics, I suspect we’ll be taking lots of pointers from you before too long.

    Best Wishes,

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Howie, Thanks Jason

    Seems like the least I can do is to thank you both, both for the course and for all the support through the weeks since I joined InfoBarrel.



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